Nigerian Artist Discusses Being A Creative In Nigeria And Latest Mixtape

Interview: Nigerian Genre-Bender, Ayüü Discusses Naija’s Music Scene, The #EndSARS Movement, And Mixtape, “Ayüüniverse”

Ayüü is a Nigerian singer and songwriter based in Abuja, Nigeria. With sounds from R&B, Pop, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Afrobeats as well as musical influences like Burna Boy, Michael Jackson, and SZA, one can’t help but appreciate his artistic range and genre fusing genius. Read more as Ayüü takes a no filter approach in discussing his artistry, the music industry, Nigeria’s social and political climate, and his 2019 mixtape that was revealed to him in a dream titled, “Ayüüniverse.”

Relationships And Situationships

Why Bother Me When You Know You Don’t Want Me?

In an effort to love without the repercussions of being hurt, people tend to seek a deep emotional connection without calling it love. This is done as a safety precaution to shield their heart. In a situationship you have all components of a committed relationship. The only difference is there’s no title or true commitment, which is a dangerous game to play.