North Carolina Artist JXY True Releases New Album

Review: JXY True Releases Album, “No Death, No Art”

Oxford, North Carolina Native, JXY True released a 15-track album titled, “No Death, No Art”, an artistic expression detailing the sacrifices JXY was forced to make in order to become a better individual. Without laying his ego to rest, there is no art—no rebirth. Read more for Terrionna’s take on the album.

Devenaire Releases New Song And Visual What It's Gone Be

Devenaire Releases New Song And Visual: What It’s Gone Be

Devenaire releases a new song and visual. WIGB reveals a common reality in dating that is realizing your worth and not allowing yourself to be a second option. Often times, when dating the signs are there. Some choose to tolerate being put through emotional strain, in the name of love or a deep emotional connection.