Interview: Lafayette Taylor Talks “FTSU” Single, Being CEO Of 1SoundVibe Studios, And Working With R&B Legends H-Town

As the proud owner of 1SoundVibe Studios, one of the top ten studios in Houston, Lafayette Taylor's love for music does include recording. This year he has released a string of singles including his biggest single to date, "FTSU." He talks about his music, his studio, and working with 90's R&B legends H-Town.

Entrepreneur and artist Lafayette Taylor is having a very successful 2020. As the proud owner of 1SoundVibe Studios, one of the top ten studios in Houston, his love for music also includes recording. This year he has released a string of singles including his biggest single to date, “FTSU.” On this particular record, you get a chance to hear what life is like for a hustler trying to make his dreams come true. I had the pleasure of catching up with this rising hotshot to talk about his music, his studio, and working with 90’s R&B legends H-Town.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the work you do at your studio based in Houston, Texas? How did you come up with the name?

Well, the name “1SoundVibe” just kept coming up for me, it was mentioned multiple times in my “Why Why Why” song and a few other songs previously, so it just became my personal tag. I have three recording studios, a dance space, a photography space, green screen wall, and a business space. With all this space and resources, I have been able to host monthly networking events, mixers, showcases, and business meetings for multiple organizations.

What is most important as a songwriter when shopping records to artists or acts?

The first thing you have to get is the vibe. You have to tell their story. Not everyone is able to, but I do my best to get to know them so I can match their style because I understand their personality. If I can do that then I am able to bring the song to life through words.

When did you get your big break and if you haven’t what are some ways you are working toward breaking into the mainstream music business?

I feel like I haven’t gotten my break yet. I feel like I have small bits and pieces of it. Networking for sure. I feel like your network determines your net worth, so I am building bridges and bridging gaps.

Are you currently working on any other artists projects? If so, can you elaborate on what you are currently working on?

Yes. I am actually working with H-Town on their new project, H-Town and Friends, and on my friend’s project 7:46AM. I also co-wrote a song that was produced by Albie Dickson and DJ Pain1. Other than that, I am working with Major League Beats on a collaboration called Poetry Heartbreak, and dropping singles with Joe Major and MC Kapital K—all while working on film projects that I wrote and produced myself.

 What is one thing the world does not know about you?

I had a name change in the 7th grade. I always went by Lafayette, but my original name was Ezial Lafayette Avery.

What does it mean to be Black and gifted?

In short, I feel like it means hard work, dedication, and keeping your faith. I love making people smile and making people happy. It just feels great to be able to make people feel a different way by listening to my music or entertaining them. Also, I believe in this: research, listen, learn, and apply. With these things, we can do anything in this world.

As a Black man how do you feel about civil injustice in the African American community at the hands of law enforcement?

Saddened. It had me thinking, what can we do besides what we’re already doing? Protesting, voting, etc. What can we do while this is going on? What’s the safest way to help the next Black man out while police officers do things like this?

Press play below to stream Lafayette Taylor’s single, “FTSU” and follow him on Instagram.

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