Interview: Cedric Brazle Talks Debut EP “If I Knew Then…”, And Curing A Broken Heart

Jacksonville, Florida R&B artist, Cedric Brazle is ready to show the world what he is made of and his debut project, "If I Knew Then..." is a strong step in the right direction.

Rising R&B star Cedric Brazle is having a stellar year. Coming off the release of his debut EP If I Knew Then…, Cedric is looking to break into the mainstream music circuit in a major way. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, his love for music and creating has reached an all-time high. Cedric is ready to show the world what he is made of and his debut project is a strong step in the right direction. I caught up with him for a candid conversation centered around his If I Knew Then… release below.

As you are coming off the release of your debut project If I Knew Then…, how has your life changed?

Since the release of my debut EP, If I Knew Then…, I’ve been receiving a ton of love. My one wish has always been to be a vessel of music that people can relate to. The most joyous thing for me thus far has been when people tell me how much my music resonates with them and how much they really relate to it. That means the world to me!

What is your favorite song off the project?

I really can’t choose a favorite off the EP. Each song is a very important part of my story and was vital to my self-healing. So, I couldn’t choose a favorite even if I wanted to. But I will say that each song resonates with me at different times, and each has had its own special moment where it was at the top of my list. 

We can feel your raw emotions on every song on If I Knew Then…, so what is your recipe for curing a broken heart?

I honestly think the cure for a broken heart is to pay attention to the lessons you learned in the last situation that didn’t work out for you. I really believe that everything happens for a reason, and you’re supposed to learn a lesson out of things. In my personal experience, music has been a major way for me to get over loss of love or heartache; it’s my outlet of escape and expression. I also think realizing that there are many fish in the sea, and knowing it’s never the end. It’s easier said than done, but at the end of the day life moves forward, and you have to take care of yourself mentally during heartbreaks. That in itself can change your overall mindset, and be a pillar to your personal growth when getting over someone. 

Who do you hope to work with musically in the mainstream music circuit?

I would love to work with artists like Beyonce, Drake, Frank Ocean, H.E.R., and Chris Brown. They all inspire me, especially when it comes to R&B music.

What does it mean to be Black&Gifted?

I believe being Black and gifted means being a representative that our ancestors would be proud of. Black people have been through so much. Within our greatness, it takes certain people to take the reins and carry that greatness of our past into the future as a light. 

 What can we expect next from you?

I think you can expect me to grow and get better as an artist. I really want to do all I can for this debut EP, If I Knew Then…, and be sure that it receives all the love and attention it deserves. Since I’m never not writing, I also want to write more and produce more music that I’m proud of. 

What are ways people can stay in contact with you and join you on your musical journey?

You can find and follow me everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Stream my music on all streaming platforms available, and visit my website at

Press play below to stream Cedric Brazle’s If I Knew Then… EP.

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