Don’t Talk About It, Be About It: The Best Advice You Never Asked For Part 3

You could become a millionaire sooner than you think if you just shut up.

“You better work, bitch!” – Britney Spears

Is it weird that I don’t want to be a millionaire? Do I want to be comfortable? For sure! But do I yearn to have millions and billions of dollars to my name one day? Not necessarily. Now if it happens? Wonderful! I mean, I could make a killing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with all the random useless knowledge I possess. And I’d rack up on Let’s Make a Deal playing that purse game just based on the suitcase of junk I drag around every day. Now if it doesn’t? Whatever. I also don’t have a dream home. If you ask me, I guess I want a comfortable pad someday with functional plumbing and stuff. But I’ve never been one of those people hung up on HGTV and floor plans and lighting fixtures for luxurious mansions.

Now if you’re someone who does desire those things, that’s great! Do you! However, I can’t help but throw a side eye every time I see tweets that say stuff like, “I’ll be a millionaire by 30,” or “Future billionaires, RT this.” I’m a girl who’s all about manifestation and throwing our wants, dreams, and desires into the atmosphere, but I’m also a practical woman with a healthy sense of logic. You know, balance. So, when I see posts like that along with images of Ferraris and Lamborghinis and pictures of sixteen bedroom, thirty bathroom mansions— I can’t help but wonder why, how, and under what circumstances do you plan on obtaining these things?

I blame social media, to be honest. Everybody is trying to keep up with the Kardashians, literally. The combination of reality TV and social media has taken ordinary people like us, given them 15 minutes of fame, multiplied it times 10, and made them the faces of living in the laps of luxury. Those same people now have us out here thinking that we, too, can become Instagram famous by promoting Flat Tummy Tea, having a couple of babies by NBA players, and “creating” clothing lines based on someone else’s work. And I promise I’m not being shady. Remember kids, it’s never shade if it’s fact. 

Insta-celebrities make it look easy. Like just the right get-rich-quick-scheme, sex tape, or viral Tik Tok will catapult you into a whole new tax bracket. And who knows? Maybe it will! But what about regular folks? I’m talking about regular people from Small Town U.S.A. who don’t have access to the hottest clubs, red carpet events, or V.I.P. celebrities. The ones who sit at home and talk about their plans to become rich one day, without having much of a plan at all. And that’s what annoys me! Not the fact that people want to be rich, but the fact that it doesn’t seem like they have any idea of how to get there.

By nature, I’m a Type A person who believes in order, schedules, routines, color-coded journals, and planners. Intentionality is everything to me. Anything I spend my time and energy on has to have a purpose and end goal that I feel is worthy of my time. I’ve had friends ask me, “Jess, how you be out here reaching goals?” The aforementioned information is how! But even if you’re not like me, it’s fine! Because here’s the bottom line when it comes to obtaining your goals— it’s all about the work. Work to set the goal, work to obtain the goal, and work after you reach the goal! So, here’s how you do the work:

  1. Make Up Your Mind – I’m all about mindset and a firm believer that if your mind isn’t made up, everything you attempt will flop. So, before you even start working toward your goal, make sure you’re ready to begin the work. Are you truly ready to stop eating fast food three times a week? Are you ready to start hitting the track after work? Are you ready to go back to school? Are you prepared to even start wrapping your mind around what it takes to reach your goal? This is where you gas yourself up and talk yourself into kicking things into gear!
  2. Do the Research – I’m not a spontaneous person. I have to have options and time to weigh the pros and cons of each one in order to see which is most feasible for me. Basically, I ask myself, “Am I really about this life? Do I really have what it takes? Do I really care enough?” I believe it’s possible to desire things we know we’ll never accomplish. For example, being a labor and delivery nurse is one of my many “dream” jobs. It’s right behind “writer” and “the person in charge of naming cosmetic shades.” However, I don’t like math and science, I’d be bored to tears and probably suck at the classes, and potentially working a night shift? No thanks. No matter how cool and special I think the birthing process is, I’m not that invested in it. See how doing your research saves you time, trouble, and boredom? It’s necessary!
  3. Make a Plan – Now that you’ve got your mind together and have done your research to make sure you really about that life, you’re ready to make your plan! My freshman year of college, one of my oral communications class’s requirements was to go hear Herm Edwards speak on our campus. I didn’t even know who Herm Edwards was at the time and was annoyed that I had to miss the new episode of Dance Moms to hear him speak, but something he said stuck with me: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” That’s good! This is where things get exciting! You get to make a strategic road map toward reaching your goal, one that you’re comfortable with and that’s tailored just for you.
  4. Hit the Ground Running – Put your plan to work! Be flexible, though. If something doesn’t go just right, review and assess. Don’t get discouraged. Tweak your plan and get right back on track! Stay the course!
  5. Celebrate! – Congrats! With the right mindset, you’ve intentionally set a plan in motion and conquered it – you’ve done the work! Now that you’ve got it, keep working to make sure you keep it!

Too often we talk about milestones and accomplishments we want to reach that’ll never come to pass. Why, you may ask? Because we talk too dang much! Let’s commit to talking less and working more. Who knows? You could become a millionaire sooner than you think if you just shut up. Or a thousandnaire, anyway. Get to work!

X’s and O’s,


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