Interview: The Mixtape Messiah, DJ Cassius Cain Talks Founding And Operating His Own Music Festival

Atlanta's DJ Cassius Cain shares insight on his brand, creating Messiah Fest and being an entrepreneur.

DJ Cassius Cain took over the city of Atlanta with the 2019 Messiah Fest. Being the founder and forerunner of the festival, he is using his platform as a DJ to provide more opportunities for artists in the Atlanta area. He plans to continue spreading his influence.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the hotshot for a candid interview. As he lends more insight on his brand, creating Messiah Fest and being an entrepreneur, it is clear that he is more than just a DJ. Checkout the interview below!

What is your role in Messiah Fest?

I am the owner, founder, curator and leader of Messiah Fest.

How Long Have You Been Doing Messiah Fest?

Messiah Fest has been going on for about two years now.

What makes this festival different from all of the others?

What makes this festival different is that this festival backs a media platform called Mixtapemessiahdaily. So the artists that come to perform actually have the support from a credible media platform. It is also dope because it is operated by a DJ.

How do you go about picking the talent that performs at Messiah Fest?

I always look at an artists’ work ethic, the influence that they are generating and the quality of their music.

Explain to the readers why as a creative it is important to be an entrepreneur.

It is important because as an entrepreneur it makes you become a visionary, especially if you want that bag. You have to create the vision but the vision needing funding is what is going to make you an entrepreneur.

Where do you see Messiah Fest in the next five years?

I see Messiah Fest growing to one of the most dominant black owned urban festivals in Atlanta. My goal is to be able to have Lakewood Amphitheatre or Wolf Creek as a venue for the festival. Some of the biggest concerts have been held at these locations, so I would love to have my festival there. From now and each and every year I plan to make it bigger and bigger to the point that the festival will be a part of Atlanta culture FOREVER.

As DJ Cassius Cain continues to shake up the music business, be sure to checkout the recap video of Messiah Fest below:

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