Domani Harris Is Paving His Own Way In The Music Industry

Atlanta native and artist, Domani Harris' recent album, "Time Will Tell" is an emotionally honest reflection of his life experiences and serves as a testament to him proving his worth and paving his own way in the music industry.

Growing up in the limelight and being the son of rap legend T.I., some have preconceived ideas of who Domani Harris is, how he was brought up and what his music should sound like. Despite the assumptions, he has stated that he doesn’t like to be labeled or placed in a box and that he prefers to take his career into his own hands.

Domani has taken the time to study the greats for various reasons, from the likes of Outkast, Biggie, UGK, J. Cole, Bob Marley and Kendrick Lamar to name a few. His prior works, The Constellation (2017) and Amygdala (2018) were stepping stones to his recent album, Time Will Tell, a testament to him proving his own worth and paving his own way in the industry.

Straying away from the Atlanta Trap sound, the 18-year-old is proving that he is a force to be reckoned with, creating his own unique sound. The 14-track album is an emotionally honest narrative in which Domani reflects on life’s experiences: awareness of self, his father’s incarceration, regret, family and accomplishing his goals.

Considering today’s musical landscape, Time Will Tell is a breath of fresh air providing substance with pungent lyricism that paints vivid imagery, placing the listener into each scene. The content is impactful and his passion reverberates through poetic storytelling. Tracks like “Time Will Tell” and “Not A Rapper” display his grit, flow and raw emotion, while “Forever” and “One Day” provide a balance with precise narration and soothing harmonies.

Domani is eloquent, humble and ahead of his time; a great representative of his generation. One can’t help but appreciate what he has to offer and anticipate what’s to come. Not only is Domani meticulous with his approach to writing, but it also shows through his visuals. Watch One Day NOW!

You can catch Domani in a city near you as he tours with Big K.R.I.T. and Rapsody on the From The South With Love Tour. Check out the tour dates below:


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