Interview: Rio Bridges The Godly Hitmaker

Virginia native, Rio Bridges is a two-time award winning producer. He openly discusses breaking into the industry and being a Grammy award winning producer. Get to know Rio Bridges by checking out his most recent interview!

Two-time award winning producer and Virginia native Rio “Riotheyneedahit” Bridges shares the light and love for God through music. Having spun out hit records for the likes of BJTHECHICAGOKID, K. Michelle, Jill Scott, and Gucci Mane to name a few, Bridges recreates his authentic sound in a gracefully melodic way. The way he chooses to use his God-given talent is why he has been able to find longevity in the entertainment business.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the hot shot for a candid interview. As he openly discusses breaking into the industry and being a Grammy award winning producer, it becomes clear that he does what he does out of pure love. Get to know Rio Bridges by checking out his most recent interview below.

Rio “RioTheyNeedAHit” Bridges Interview

Who Is Rio Bridges?

Rio Bridges: I am a man of GOD, a person who believes in the process and someone who believes that great things often take time. I believe that if you want something bad enough, you have to go and get it. I am a man who believes that FAITH is real, I believe that prayer works and that with GOD any and everything is possible. 

In my career I am a producer/songwriter/entrepreneur who also helps artist development. I have been in this music business now over 22 years, and I have been very fortunate to work with many talented individuals. I have been able to accomplish everything that I have wanted to accomplish and still going as if I haven’t done a thing.

What does it mean to you to be a 2x Grammy award winning producer?

Rio: It is a blessing because it is like winning the super bowl to a football player, or winning a championship to an NBA player. So much work goes into songs and albums, so to be recognized by the highest of the high in the music business is a great feeling. However it doesn’t change my mentality as I am still a listener in the studio. There is no ego or “look what I have”. I feel like you can learn from anyone. I am in this for the music and not the rewards even though I am truly grateful for them.

How has your upbringing allowed you to create longevity in the music business?

Rio: Growing up on the north-side of Northside Richmond, VA in the 90’s was really tough. We were the murder capital of the United States and I lost many close friends at a very young age. Fortunate for me I had my Mom and Dad to be there for me especially my Dad he was/is the muscle of the family. He didn’t play, and he instilled in me that hard work pays off and nothing will come easy. My mom was a hard worker as well, but was very gentle to others. She always wanted to make sure everyone was ok and has a heart of gold. My older brother really made me tough and gave me tough skin. My sister was tough on me as well and never took it easy on me lol. 

To say all of this I take these same habits to the music business. “Hard work pays off”, “work hard and be gentle to others”, “have tough skin” and learn how to “keep pushing during hard times”.

Explain what occurred when you caught your first big break?

Rio: A great friend of mine Gerard Thomas lived right behind me in Northside Richmond, VA. He was a DJ, producer and songwriter. I always made a promise that if he ever got an opportunity to help me he would. Gerard went on to produce for Destiny’s Child, Diddy, Total, Missy Elliot and more. One day I get a phone call from Gerard saying “Yo Rio are you ready to show them what you got and can you be here in 15 minutes I’m in Richmond and here is the address”.

I immediately grabbed my Dad’s keys, and at 18 years old, I ran every resting light to get there on time. It is a music publisher at his house when I arrive. The publisher says “so you’re the best kept secret I hear”. I was always humble and I said, “I wouldn’t say all that” so he said, “make me a hit”. I then produced a record in five minutes and he said “WELCOME TO THE MUSIC BUSINESS LET’S DO A DEAL”. That moment changed everything for me and from that point forward I never looked back.

How important is it to create with a team of people you trust in the music business?

Rio: It is REALLY important to have trust in this business because it is so rare. The music is the easy part but the business is the hard part. You have to work with people who do good business and work with a team of individuals that you can trust.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Rio: In ALL honesty GOD!

What are you currently working on? 

Rio: I am currently working on music with K.Michelle, Leela James, Keri Hilson, Afro Jack, Gabrielle Lynn and GiGi Radics and I am working on putting out a dance music project under my moniker RioTheyNeedahit.

Press play below to take a deeper look into some of the records Hitmaker Rio “Riotheyneedahit” Brides has placed his touch on:

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