Rating: Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?

Writer, Gerwallstar reviews and rates a popular Tyler Perry film, "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

Hey guys. Gerawallstar here!

Have you ever thought about what makes a film bad? Well, with all of the horrible Tyler Perry films that I have watched and reviewed such as “Meet the Browns” and “Madea’s Witness Protection,” “Why did I get Married Too?” takes the cake.

The Good

First off, Janet Jackson’s performance was amazing. Her brilliant acting skills are displayed throughout the movie. Scene one, when her character Patricia’s husband, Gavin gets drunk and burns off the baby pictures, just because he was angry about her not giving him half the money of the book she wrote. Scene two was when Patricia broke the glasses with a golf putt, including the kitchen and coffee tables.

Fun fact: they were filming around the time Janet’s brother Michael Jackson passed away. When she was going berserk on others on the set, due to her grieving, Tyler Perry created a scene designated to showing her anger, and they used that scene where her character goes crazy after her husband took all of her book money.

Another scene where I give this film praise is when two spouses Ola and Louis played by Louis Gossett Jr. and Cicely Tyson, both shared their marriage confessions during a bonfire. That sums up the positives!

The Not So Good

“Why did I get Married Too?” is one of the most confusing and obnoxious films I have ever seen. It destroyed everything that I loved about the first “Why Did I get Married?” movie. Did we really need a sequel to the first movie? The first film ended off on a high note. I don’t understand why a sequel to this film was needed, aside from money. The film destroys the characters that I loved.

Troy And Sheila

I couldn’t stand the characters in this film. I mean, the problems that the couples are having in their marriages are typical. Troy and Sheila are arguing over Troy not looking for a job, and barely having any money, although it doesn’t make sense for them to spend their money on the trip to the Bahamas, with Troy being jobless. Troy is unlikeable because all he does is get stressed throughout the film because he couldn’t get a job. He barely bonds with the guys in this film. Sheila Jackson is downgraded as this nagging wife who doesn’t feel sorry about her husband being jobless. Before you say she helps him get a police job by bringing her ex-husband in to recommend him, they copied that scene from the classic, “Soul Food.”


Speaking of Mike, while he is not as bad as he was in the first one, he is only in this film for the plot. He appeared in a beach scene out of nowhere. The other couples are as bad as Sheila and Troy.

Terry and Dianne

Terry and Dianne’s problem doesn’t appear until Dianne reveals to Terry that she has had an affair with her co-worker Phillip. That scene didn’t need to be written in and their problems shouldn’t have been included. What’s worse is that it causes a conflict that never gets resolved.

Angela and Marcus

Angela and Marcus’s conflicts are that one, Angela doesn’t trust Marcus because she is jealous of his sportsman job and two, she suspects that he is cheating on her. We’ve seen this cheating cliché a million times before. I can understand why Angela is frustrated with Marcus in the first film, because of him screwing around with his ex, Keisha. But in this film, it characterizes her as naive.

Patricia and Gavin

Patricia and Gavin’s problems are the only issues that are interesting because they want a divorce due to the pain they are having as a result of their son Noah’s (who we never see in the two films) death. Besides the divorce, what makes their issues not fit with the film is that Gavin wants to get Patricia’s book money, because he claims that he helped her formulate ideas on her book. It is quite confusing and tie in with their deeper rooted issue of their son’s death. One of the worst endings ever, Patricia humiliates Gavin at work for him taking all of her money. Gavin gets injured in a car crash, and he dies. Patricia forgets all of that, and invites a random guy at her job out for coffee. This ending pissed me off for two reasons:

1: The car crash that Gavin was in wasn’t that bad. It only hit the passenger’s side. He could’ve at least been sent to the hospital. Unless he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, which I doubt he wasn’t wearing one, then his death could’ve been understandable. But no, the writers have to put in Gavin dying for a melodramatic funeral scene.

2: The way Patricia tells the girls to go fix their problems with their husbands by apologizing to them comes off as forced, and a weak resolution to solve their problems. In the first film, the way that the wives fixed their problems was really effective in scenes like Patricia admitting her feelings to Gavin when their son died, and Angela fixing a dinner, and apologizing to Marcus for all of the trouble she has given him. One of the couple’s even said that they will find a way to work out their problems. This however comes off as sloppy writing because nothing gets resolved, aside from their apology. Oh yeah, and as I stated before the movie ends one year later with Patricia going out for coffee with Daniel (Dwayne Johnson), and to me it feels almost as if she forgets her dead husband.

“Why Did I Get Married Too?”… more like why did this movie have to exist? This movie is an inferior sequel to the first film, which was great. Aside from a few highlights like Janet Jackson’s performance and the Ola and Louis confession scene, the movie is the worst Tyler Perry creation I have ever seen.

Rating: 3/10

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  1. Interesting points. I don’t think Gavin should’ve died. I don’t think Angela and Marcus should’ve had the same issues. Sheila shouldn’t have asked Mike to get Troy a job. And Terry and Diane’s marital issues shouldn’t have been her fault again. I prefer the first film. It’s a classic.


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