Interview: Jalisa Shaveh Talks Life In Los Angeles And Making Her Dreams A Reality

Jalisa Shaveh is a celebrity makeup artist and content creator in Los Angeles, California. Her small town life lessons have kept her grounded and she has made a name for herself in Hollywood.

It’s one thing to set goals and have dreams, but it’s so much more when you’re able to live them out. Jalisa Shaveh (Mosby-Dillard) is originally from Conway, Arkansas and has since relocated to the entertainment capitol that is Los Angeles, California where she works as a celebrity makeup artist and content creator. Her small town upbringing instilled life lessons of service and morals at a young age. As the oldest of twenty-six grandchildren and five younger siblings, who just so happen to be all girls, Jalisa says, “I hold a very high legacy to my name.” Some of her recent projects include working as the special effects makeup artist for South Central Love, the movie and running for Miss Fashion Global 2019.

Jalisa Shaveh is a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Content Creator in Los Angeles California
Instagram @jalisashaveh

When was your love for fashion and makeup sparked?

My love for fashion and makeup sparked in 2014 when I discovered my true inner beauty. I figured out my spirit was rare to an average person. I was gravitated towards for being kind and doing things my way with sparkle and shine. Dressing up with a nice outfit and makeup that made my smile stand out.

Being from a small state and having an interest in things that are somewhat bigger than the city or town you’re from requires relocation and branching out. When did you decide that Los Angeles was the city for you? What ultimately led you to making the decision to uproot and move to the west coast?

Los Angeles was always a dream for me for a long time to live in. Not knowing my passions would soon be my career. In 2017 I made my mind up that I would move now or never. I was tired of living the same lifestyle everyday knowing that my time was being wasted. There came a time as every young adult deals with, figuring out who I was and what my purpose was. In order to figure it out, I had to step out on faith and see where this dream would take me. I chose a later date, continued to work hard and save and say goodbye to my lifestyle I was living before I got too comfortable.

You have a YouTube channel and you’ve made a name for yourself in Hollywood. You’ve had the opportunity to work with big brands and celebrities. Shed light on your experience from starting as a newcomer in Los Angeles to opportunities opening up for you.

Planting my seed in Hollywood was definitely challenging! After the first three months I experienced a culture shock. Everything was so fast, the food is much different, the atmosphere was demanding. But, it took one time to visit home. That made me realize Los Angeles is where I needed to be. Thankfully I have family here that opened their home up and allowed me to be sheltered from the Los Angeles roller coaster that’ll take you on a good ride or a bad one. When I returned from visiting home I drowned myself into networking and making sure everyone I came across knew who I was and what I was great at. Not leading them on to something I wasn’t advanced in. Being my true, authentic, country self. And closing the conversation with “If you ever need a makeup artist, please call me,” and that’s how it all started. I knew in order for people to book me, I had to give them a reason to. Left and right opportunities flowed in. I found my niche. Everybody has a face and in Hollywood those faces love to be seen and complimented.

It’s great to see things come to fruition! It’s also important to note that hard work and dedication played a part in your successes. From what I’ve observed, you’re determined and generally in positive spirits. What keeps you grounded?

What keeps me grounded is seeking what keeps me grounded and focused on the bigger picture. I know if I focus on self development and what makes me happy and joyful, I will keep my spirits high and determined to keep that high going. It doesn’t take long to adjust if you keep an open mind to what you’re accepting or rejecting. My family also keeps me grounded. No matter what crazy dreams I decide to chase, they support me.

What have you learned about yourself as you’ve been growing and learning more about the beauty industry?

What I’ve learned about myself is that I am who I am for a reason. I’m here for a reason. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’ve learned, there’s no need to change myself but to always grow and elevate spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in the beauty industry?

Challenges I’ve faced as a woman would be breaking the mold being a tall, black woman. Society has painted a bigger, black woman as being a bully or intimidating. In reality my spirit is the exact opposite. I’ve had to prove the critics wrong.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. What’s one of your most memorable moments working in Los Angeles?

Wow, where do I begin? All my moments working in LA have been memorable and worth every second. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Countess Vaughn and I had the same high working on indie films with students no one knows. Here in Los Angeles aka The City of Angels, where dreams come true, you never know who’ll be the next Stan Lee. So it’s very important to give every opportunity your all or don’t do it at all!

What should we be on the lookout for?

Be on the lookout for my debut on Hip Hop Squares the game show and a recurring role on a very popular daytime series!


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