Review: Maushéa Releases EP, “Seeds”

Maushéa releases EP, "Seeds" which narrates her perspective as a black girl in Chicago. She stays true to her experiences and touches on topics of life, growth and renewal.

Maushéa is a melodic singer/rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Her debut EP, Seeds was released under Black Tide Entertainment. The 6-Track EP is a short listen of 14 minutes that narrates her perspective as a black girl in Chicago.
Track one, Ama begins with a precursor to what the track will focus on: identifying one’s worth and purpose. It then shifts to the sound of soothing piano keys as she narrates her thoughts and worries. People want to see her fail, she prays that she has enough money to pay for a meal and remembers that she didn’t obtain a city sticker nor insurance for her vehicle, which makes her hope that the cops don’t pull her over. The chorus repeats “ama still do me”, “she gon’ still do she”. Her narrative is simple, yet relatable. The message is that despite what others think of you and no matter how down you are about your situation, continue to push. Maushéa showcases her vocals on Bernadine’s Diary. The use of metaphors emphasizes the dysfunction and betrayal that is experienced in the relationship she’s portraying. Infidelity, lies, trust, patience and self-worth are intertwined in her lyrics. Black Girl Magic Pt. 2 is a prideful anthem for the melanated gals from afro puffs, coco butter skin, full lips, kinky curly coils and every bit of magic that makes a black girl who she is. Yvonne Fair’s Stay A Little Longer is sampled on Stay With Me. The nostalgic 70s tune was a great mixture with Maushéa’s new school flow. She is vocal about her feelings for the person she is spending time with. Only stands out from the others and shies away from the tranquility of the EP, which makes me question if it was a great fit for the project. At the start, it sounds like a continuation from Stay With Me. Her delivery was intentional over a catchy beat, plus her rapping abilities are showcased. The EP closes with Germination, a poetic track about staying true to oneself, loving oneself and blooming into one’s full potential.

When considering the project as a whole, Maushéa stays true to her experiences and does well with narrating her perspective. The EP is titled Seeds and she references the deeper meaning through her messages of self-love, growth and the title of track six, Germination. Germination is the process where seeds grow into new plants. Thinking of that in context of the project, from a single seed, the process of life and renewal emerge. The artwork for the EP is of a sticker-covered journal atop fresh blades of green grass. Journals are typically used for self-reflection, recording thoughts, dreams, goals and so forth. Both, the stickers and journal are symbolic of the stories she tells through the music. I appreciate the calmness of the project and its focus on self, however I would like to hear Maushéa push the envelope on projects to come as she did with Only.

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