Maez301 Signs To Strange Music

Everyone isn't susceptible to change and some members of the Strange Music fan base were not welcoming to Maez301 signing to the label.

Everyone isn’t susceptible to change and some members of the Strange Music fan base were not welcoming to Maez301 signing to the label. Some question his talent, style and what he has to offer in comparison to former and current artists who have laid the foundation for Strange Music such as Tech N9ne, Skatterman & Snug Brim, Krizz Kaliko, Jay Rock, Murs, Kutt Kalhoun and more. Despite the negativity, Maez301 uses it as motivation to stay the course and let the music speak.

Maez301 is a rapper from Maryland who many, including myself, did not yet know of. However, I’m glad to have been introduced to his talent. As a Strange Music fan, I anticipate new artists coming on board and the growth of the brand, so I instantly searched his music on Soundcloud. He released a mixtape, Nowhere compiled of 15 tracks in 2017 and his first single accompanied by a visual under Strange Music, Get ‘Em was released shortly after his signing.

Maez301’s following is small, but flourishing. His authenticity and genuineness makes him personable. I can not ignore the fact that he is open with supporters, shares  moments of self reflection and genuinely sparks meaningful conversation through his social media posts and live videos. Get ‘Em is the perfect introduction to who he is as an artist and a message to those who doubt him. What Maez301 brings to the table is refreshing and definitely a step in the right direction. When you think of Strange Music and what “strange” truly represents, he embodies being unique and setting himself apart from the norm. With one single and visual under Strange Music, I patiently await more.

The fact that so many Strange fans were bombarding the comments with their opinions on his signing, music, look, etc. kept me wondering if or how Maez301 was dealing with the pushback, so I sent a direct message, unsure if I’d receive a response:

T: Hey! I hope all is well and congrats on joining the Strange Music family. I noticed that a lot of current fans are resistant to you coming on board. Many question your talent and what you have to offer. All around negative energy in my opinion, but you seem to be very optimistic and above their “concerns”. Is the pushback something that you were expecting? Personally, I feel that change is necessary and I look forward to witnessing your growth and journey as an artist, not only with Strange Music, but as an individual as well.

M: Couldn’t have said it better myself. I am very optimistic about my opportunity and I’m not concerned with the outside noise it’s all apart of the process. I’m taking it all as an opportunity to push myself and grow.

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