Add These Three Artists To Your Playlist

I listen to music for three reasons: To get turn't, to analyze the lyrics or to feel the vibe. I appreciate artists who I can vibe to, but still get a message from. These three artists do just that and more.

My playlist has been growing and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share my archive with the world. The artists that I’m putting you on to (I like to think that I’m putting folks up on game, so just let me feel the high) are special. Special as in, I MUST listen to their music not only for the vibe, but to analyze the lyrics. I listen to music for three reasons: To get turn’t, to analyze the lyrics or to feel the vibe. I appreciate artists who I can vibe to, but still get a message from. My approach to music is somewhat different in the sense of poetry and identifying deeper meanings of poetic devices. It’s an art that I enjoy dissecting!


Buddy is a rapper from Compton, California and his music is reminiscent of the signature west-coast sounds with hints of 70s funk, better known as G-Funk. I first came across his music on Spotify and from that point I was a fan. I recently saw Buddy in concert for the first time on the Vince Staples: Smile, You’re On Camera Tour and his energy was on point. The song that drew my initial interest was Shine. Aside from his music meeting my needs in terms of sound, quality, creativity and lyricism, his visuals and aesthetic bring it all together. That does it for me in the best way! Listen to the songs, but make it a point to watch the videos.

Latest Album: Harlan & Alondra


Saba is a rapper from the West Side of Chicago. I’ve added Saba to my 6 Albums I’m Vibing To This Summer And So Should You playlist when he released Care For Me last year (2018). He’s one of those artists who not many people that I know personally have listened to and in turn, I share my disgust of their poor decisions. When 2019 hit, many people shared their “Top 5” and “Top 10” lists on social media for artists and albums of the year. Needless to say, I was pleased to see Saba listed at number one on many of those lists. It was dope to see an artist I admire being held at a high standard. Now, on to his craft. He’s lyrical. He’s a storyteller. He creates a detailed visual with sensory imagery that’s intertwined into his lyrics. His delivery and intonation also play a part in his unique flow.

Latest Album: Care For Me


Boogie is a rapper from Compton, California and he’s one of those artists who would appear on my Spotify playlists, but it wasn’t until his recent album, Everythings for Sale that I intentionally listened. He’s poetic, intentional and he’s another artist whose visuals accompany his music. I was scrolling through social media and the artwork for his album caught my eye. I immediately went to Apple Music to download the album, but didn’t listen to it right away. I vividly remember driving from Arkansas to San Antonio and playing the album. I had left from visiting my dad, who had been released from prison about a week prior, so I was in a very deep emotional and questioning state dealing with having to leave my dad. It was nighttime, my windows were cracked and the San Antonio breeze swept across my body as lights faded in and out in the distance. I pressed shuffle and Silent Ride played. It was the best thing that I could have done because it was a very powerful moment with myself and Boogie. In the back of my mind, I questioned why I was just now tuning in, but I was present and taking in the lyrics. I was almost to the point of tears, that’s how impacted I was. Not everything he said related, but I got exactly what I needed from it and for that I am thankful. If you’re looking for substance, Boogie is it. I played the album from start to finish!

Latest Album: Everythings for Sale

If you’re new to these artists, let me know what you think! Even if you’ve been up on game for a while, provide feedback. What keeps you listening?




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