An Alternate Valentine’s Day Playlist

Given the current climate of millennial dating, I feel we need a more accurate set of songs for the multitude of folks in the in-between.

I love, love! However, from year to year way too many Valentine’s Day playlists are curated containing nothing but lovey-dovey lyrics and sexy slow jams. Given the current climate of millennial dating, where Chris Brown’s “Undecided” is practically deemed a love song (a bop? Of course! A love song? An f-boy anthem at best), I feel we need a more accurate set of songs for the multitude of folks in the in-between. One we can slap on when the guy you haven’t heard from in two and a half months texts you, “Wyd?” at 11:30 PM. Or when your ex shoots you the inevitable “Hey, stranger” or the ever so coy, “How’s your mom?” after running into you at Walmart. We need a Valentine’s Day playlist that includes tracks for occasions like the following:

When ex-bae taught you love, patience, pain, or all of the above:











When that midnight text is literally and figuratively too late:






When you know the only reason he’s hitting you up is because his new thing flopped (we’re nobody’s second option, sis!):








When he thought he could have the milk, but not the cow:










When you’ve got to protect the last little bit of peace you’ve got:







When you actually considered giving him another chance, but his timing is beyond trash:




When your self-love is at its peak:



When his actions have repeatedly made it clear that he doesn’t want you, yet he continues to contact you anyway:


When his new thing constructs a shady Instagram post to make you feel some type of way, but little does she know…:





When what you have to say is quite simple:









When you low key miss him, but ultimately choose better for yourself because it would make A. Keys and your mama proud:

When you turn Valentine’s into Galentine’s and are out turning up with your girls:

When you’re too polite to say, “Boy bye!” or something beyond PG:

Any tracks you think I should add?  Let me know in the comments!

X’s and O’s,



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