Yes, Mama. I Will Be Spending Money To See B2K In 2019, And Here’s Why

Sometimes, it’s worth it to go back in time…if only for one night.

“I know you not paying money to go see them,” mother stated while “B2K Is Hot” bumped through my speakers as we sat in the midst of last minute Christmas Eve shopping. This came after I shared the news that the “boys of the new millennium” are reuniting for The (appropriately titled) Millennium Tour. This year, B2K is set to reunite and hit the road with a gang of other early 2000’s hip-hop and R&B sensations: Pretty Ricky, Mario, Lloyd, Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, and Bobby V.  Basically, 90’s babies and the 106 & Park generation are finally receiving the adult Scream Tour they deserve. And why do we deserve and don’t mind dropping our coins for this tour? Here are a few reasons why:

1. Unfinished Business

Due to their strong fan (stan) base, the amount of Word-Up posters that littered our bedroom walls, and the sheer Pandemonium (see what I did there?) that surrounded B2K, it’s easy to forget that the group only produced three albums from 2001-2004, one of those being a Christmas album. It doesn’t help that it all ended in sketchy rumors of financial abuse and issues with their manager and certified fishy fella, Chris Stokes.

Whatever the true reason for the group’s split, it’s nice to learn that they’ve decided to put their differences aside and give us the closure we’ve so desperately needed for the past 15 years.

2. The Jams

Similar to Aaliyah, B2K is one of those acts whose music was so ahead of its time it could be played on the radio today and still sound current. Their production was next level, unique, and fresh. Nobody was sounding like B2K at the time! And you can’t forget their supporting cast. Those Pretty Ricky and Ying Yang Twins tracks we had zero business listening to in middle school (my sister hid the entire Late Night Special album under her mattress from our dad)? Was Lloyd saying “fine, too” or “5’2”? Do Mario and Bobby V still have the vocals to make us feel like we’re falling in love or going through our worst heartbreak? And when Chingy hits that stage?

3. It’ll Be a Good Show

Granted, the members of B2K are inching toward their mid-thirties. However, we have the fondest memories of them shutting down any and every stage they hit. It wasn’t the BET Awards without a B2K performance. The Scream Tours were lit. And so what if the rest of the tour gang aren’t teenyboppers or in their twenties anymore? We’ll still be in the crowd gassing them up like:

4. The Nostalgia

No matter what, the chance to be in the same arena with people who share a common experience is priceless. It’s all about the memories. Sometimes, it’s worth it to go back in time…if only for one night. Now, let me dig up a 76ers jersey dress and some Pastry Kicks.  What y’all wearing?

X’s and O’s,



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