Interview: Brittany Talks Fan Base And New Music

+FreshFinds: Arkansas Artist, Brittany releases her first EP, "Free Slimm" and discusses the EP and her goals as an up and coming artist.

Brittany is an up and coming artist originally from Decatur, Georgia, but has spent much of her time in Northwest Arkansas. She released her first official project, a 5-track EP titled, Free Slimm in September (2018). New to the music scene, Brittany has hopes of growing a loyal fan base, releasing more singles and working on an album.

I knew you were into making beats, but I had no idea that you would emerge as a new artist! Let’s go back to the beginning. Who is Brittany? The individual and the artist.

You know I’ve always had a instrument in my hand or singing in church or at school. Brittany as an individual has always been an artist. I grew up in the church and if I wasn’t there I was in my dad’s truck listening to trap music. It was either trap or church. I’ve always had music though. It was always like an escape so when I started making my own beats, words just came with it from past experiences to put on record.

I want someone to feel where I’m coming from or just to listen to me speaking about my stories. You never know who’s listening or who needs to hear your story.

I’m a lover of music, but I don’t have musical talents. I have a great appreciation for what others put out. What is it about music that connects for you?

I think the stories and the beats is what resonates with me. Putting your emotions and stories into a song was always so interesting, especially R&B and rap music. When I’m listening to that type of music, sometimes I’m familiar with what the artist is talking about. I can relate and get through whatever the artist is singing about. Now, when I do music that’s the goal. I want someone to feel where I’m coming from or just to listen to me speaking about my stories. You never know who’s listening or who needs to hear your story.

That’s interesting because we have artists like yourself who are looking to share their stories and make genuine connections through their music. We also have artists who simply create just to create, regardless of a story or connection. Either approach isn’t necessarily incorrect, but what are your thoughts on that?

You know over the years I’ve always said music is music. It’s supposed to make you feel good or supposed to make you dance at least. Those artists that create music without a story, they are artists too. Not everybody has that talent to be able to create something. But I do believe you must have some sort of music competence when creating music.

Where do you see your music and artistry in the midst of what’s currently being pushed in the mainstream music world?

I never thought about that. I do like mainstream music but I don’t focus on where I see my music in mainstream. I feel like I’m in my own lane no doubt. Right now I’m just focused on making more content and building a fan base.

Who are some of your influences?

Man. Anita Baker is the one. Jay Z, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Timbaland, Drake, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson are the realest ones for me.

That’s a nice mixture! Let’s talk about your EP, Free Slimm. Your debut to the world!

Yes! I love Free Slimm EP, lol. I’m so excited about it! It’s everywhere, too! iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and Tidal.

Lol, loving the excitement! What does this project mean to you?

This EP is literally everything to me. It’s my first official project! I got to work on it with help from Cense at 1/3 Entertainment and Price the Poet. That was really the icing on the cake. So much went into it. So much came out of it. This year was crazy. You can feel that if you listen to each song on the EP.

So much happened in between the process of making the project, it MADE the mood of the project.

When putting the EP together, what challenges did you face, if any?

Lol, where do I begin? No, but really I had a lot of songs I wanted to put together for an album actually, which is still coming out, but I had a hard time figuring out how many songs to put out on first go round. Then with me being in school, working, on top of dealing with situationships and family issues, I was getting no rest and not enough time in the world for anything. So much happened in between the process of making the project, it MADE the mood of the project.

I feel that! You took pieces from all that was going on around you. How has it been so far in terms of support and getting your name out there?

I’m getting wild support from family and friends. But it is hard to get even more people to listen to my music because I don’t have a lot of followers on my socials. I never cared about that stuff, but it’s like life or death to my career so with me putting out even more content, hopefully that count will grow too.

Consistency is key! You’ll get there. Going back to the EP, do you have a favorite track?

My favorite track on there is the very first track “Free Brit”. I got the Price the Poet production, which was crazy in itself how I got that. Real bass action from Da Ark’s very own icon. And how I came on the the first verse was so organic during the recording process I’ll never forget it. Cense in the second verse telling his version or his take of what I’m saying in the chorus. It all worked out perfectly. I love that song. It’s real different.

What are your top two goals moving forward from this project?

My top two goals are visuals and putting out more singles, but I am putting out another EP. Then in 2020 I’m putting out the album.

Nice! Giving yourself time to create a cohesive project. In the meantime, I’ll be on the lookout for new singles.

Yes, exactly. Can I ask you something? Lol, you listened to the EP right?

Of course!

What song was your favorite to listen to?

“Sum of 18” is my favorite track, hands down. I feel like it showcases your writing, style and sound well. Your featured artist also meshes with the track well. An overall great track!

That’s one of my favorites too! The EP was actually going to be named after that song.

I can see a lot happening from that one track in particular because of how well put together it is. It’s a good look!

Yeah we got something special coming for that one!

I’m excited for all that you have in store and being able to witness your journey. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about yourself and your work.

No, thank you! For real. You’re appreciated so much.

Stay updated with the sounds of Brittany via Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify

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