Review: Tony Rashad Releases EP, “Yung Rashad”

Tony Rashad is putting on for both Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas. He is an emcee to watch and released an EP titled, "Yung Rashad".

Tony Rashad represents Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas well and is a young emcee on the rise. Rashad released OB Tape, Vol. 1 back in 2017 and recently dropped an EP titled Yung Rashad on September 2, 2018. Prior to the release of the EP, he put out single after single: Certificate, Race, Stand On It, Tour Days and Walk. I appreciate a great lyricist and Tony Rashad has a unique approach to the music.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 7.11.09 PM.png

Yung Rashad is a 5-track EP that showcases his lyricism. Track one, Bobby Boucher is a great introduction for what’s to follow. The beat is catchy and he has a humble yet cocky approach to the track, which is great because I can tell he is being authentic and introducing himself to listeners. Track two comes in smoothly with another catchy beat. Certificate is a banger and I see why it was selected as a single from the EP. It’s upbeat and he threw being humble out of the window. He comes straight out of the gate with the cockiness letting us know that there is no competition when it comes to the music. He’s in his own lane and doing it well. Tony Rashad is calm in his approach, yet he is letting it be known that he’s not going anywhere. Two tracks into the EP and energy is high. We move into Track 3, Image which is more relaxed. The track is about his image, hence the title. Hub Cap is listed as track four and we are coming to a close. He raps about the come up and being new to the game, but raps about being at everyone’s heels, meaning others better watch out. Pool Party is the final track on Yung Rashad. The analogy he used with his journey in the rap game to a pool party makes this the most creative track. I would like to see a visual for this one in particular!

As a whole, Yung Rashad is a project that I feel Tony Rashad used as a reintroduction to those who either didn’t take him seriously before or to those who are new to his music. He showcased his talent well, the production is solid and he got his message across: “I won’t stop. Go get it.” The 13 minute EP goes by quickly, so keep it on repeat!

I love to hear from the artists whose music I review just to get insight on their intent for their work. I reached out to Tony Rashad and he explained:

My goal for Yung Rashad was to give another side of Tony Rashad’s “norm” of music to kinda show the diversity as well as give the people something in the meantime of the album being built.

Stay updated with the sounds of Tony Rashad via Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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