6 Albums I’m Vibing To This Summer And So Should You

Artists are delivering and I'm here for it. They've been on their toes and I think it's safe to say that some of the best projects have been released over the past year to now. Check out the six albums I'm vibing to this summer!

Shoutout to that Apple Music free three month trial. I’m on month three and my subscription is coming to an end. However, before time runs out I’m going to download these albums with the quickness and enjoy all the vibes being presented to me.

Our favs have been dishing out that good shit for the free. I’m not surprised by the nonstop head bobbing, emotionally evoking and turn up projects. We’re getting a taste of everything! Artists are delivering and I’m here for it. They’ve been on their toes and I think it’s safe to say that some of the best projects have been released over the past year to now. With that being said, here are six albums I’m listening to this summer and so should you:

Scorpion – Drake

Drake is forever in a beef. However, Drake always delivers. I can’t even front. Peep your Instagram friends’ captions for the rest of the summer. Issa Drizzy caption! Folks are arguing whether this is his best album yet. Some feel that Take Care takes the cake. I’m not a Drake stan, but I would consider myself a fan (a difference). I have mad respect for the work he creates (or steals, but… *sips tea*) and Scorpion is for sure on my playlist.


Lost & Found – Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is a breath of fresh air. I was first introduced to her via her song Blue Lights. I was excited that she had an album and had to add it to my list. I look forward to more from her.


Care For Me – Saba

Let me just start by saying Care For Me is everything I didn’t know I needed. Saba is definitely one of my faves. I began listening to Care For Me when J. Cole’s KOD was released and going back and forth between the two was interesting. Both albums are great representations of storytelling and are written in such a way that I find myself getting invested in each track. Just amazing!


KOD – J. Cole

I tweeted: “I’m so grateful for artists who create music that resonates. It makes the listening experience worthwhile. Feed my brain. Give me something to think about. Let’s have a conversation. Take me on a journey.” I just rock with J. Cole on so many levels, so it’s a given that I keep this album and others on repeat.


Freddie – Freddie Gibbs

A friend put me on to Freddie Gibbs almost a year ago and I’ve been rocking with his music ever since. I watched so many interviews and music videos back when I was first introduced and got to know him as an individual and artist. When Freddie dropped I hopped on it. His sound and content is needed.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 10.02.50 AM.png

Cherish – Jay Prince

I absolutely love Jay Prince! His sound was something new for me and Cherish is a beautiful project. Glam is my favorite track on the album and it gets me moving EVERY TIME! I’ll stop what I’m doing to hit the Dougie or Milly Rock. But in all seriousness, I’m a new fan and it’s a wonderful journey. He also retweeted and favorited my tweet:


*There are SO MANY fire albums out right now and I’m down to be put up on what’s new. Share what you’re listening to with me! Instagram: Terri_Bee

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