Review: Abstraxt Nxstalgia Releases EP, “Making Moves, Keeping Focus”

Little Rock, Arkansas native and rapper, Abstraxt Nxstalgia recently released an EP titled "Making Moves, Keeping Focus".

I was first introduced to Abstraxt Nxstalgia’s music through his Magnolia Freestyle via SoundCloud. I was already a fan of Playboi Carti’s original track, but when I first heard Straxt’s version, it took over my body and I kept asking myself, “who is this?”. Everything from his delivery to the beat got my attention and learning that he was from Little Rock, Arkansas was even better. I’m all for supporting the home team.


Luckily for me, he released a 5-track EP this year (2018) titled, Making Moves, Keeping Focus. It’s safe to say that I was put up on game at the perfect time. I was in need of new music, a new sound and vibe. I wanted to tune in to something that would make me think.

Let’s Be Honest is the opener and he let’s us into his world. It’s a transparent and vulnerable track, which fits beautifully with the slow beat and melodic vocals. He is up front with who he is and the various situations he endured. The journey continues with the next track, No Xscape. He’s in a questionable state in terms of finding a piece of mind. He is facing adversity, making moves and moving forward. In track three, Goodbye 2 July, I get a sense that he is ready to let go and move forward from the obstacles he faced in the previous tracks, which then leads us to Young Nigga Dreams (Come Up). This is the fresh start. He is acknowledging the people and situations that played a part in his journey, but also not letting the negative aspects stop him from progressing or shift his mindset, which is now more focused and driven. We reach the final destination with OverXposed. Everything from track one to four is put into perspective. He endured so much within the first four tracks that he’s able breathe, but at the same time he can’t put anything past anyone. He’s at that moment in life where people’s true colors have been shown and the things he did in the past just won’t suffice. He has reached a new level of growth. It was a beautiful journey. Not perfect, but worth it.

Straxt and I caught up on Twitter. Here are words from the artist himself:

“More importantly, understanding the concept of seasons in our lives. Being aware of those seasons, and when they’ve come to an end. The goal is to learn how to appreciate things that once hurt us. Because now that we’ve gone through it our focus, conscience, spirit is clearer.”

I appreciate this project and his ability to make me think. I was anticipating more about his journey and each track revealed something new. At the end I was proud of him for one, acknowledging his hurt and two, realizing his potential and using the adversity he faced to see the bigger picture. The title, “Making Moves, Keeping Focus” fits. Expect mellow, lyrical, storytelling, determination and vulnerability. A great project!

Stay updated with the sounds of Abstraxt Nxstalgia via Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and YouTube.

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