No, He Is NOT An Ally

In the black community, we have our fair share of those who say they are allies. Or, should I say, we love to give out ally cookies to ANYONE...even when they do not deserve them.

The word ally has several meanings and can be a noun or a verb. The verb means “to associate or connect by some mutual relationship, resemblance, or friendship.” The noun tense is defined as “a person who associates or cooperates with another; supporter.” Both of these meanings alludes to someone showing allegiance or support to someone else. In the black community, we have our fair share of those who say they are allies. Or, should I say, we love to give out ally cookies to ANYONE…even when they do not deserve them.  We jokingly give “tickets to the cookout” to any non-black person who says #blacklivesmatter or stands up against Trump. Black people are some of the, if not the, most welcoming people. We simply allow anyone into our circles, mostly because we know the feeling of being left out and excluded. So, we would rather not do that to someone else. However, sometimes we need to just revoke people’s passes before they get WAY TOO COMFORTABLE. Michael Rapaport is one of those people. 

On Sunday’s WWHL, Michael Rapaport was paired with RHOA’s Kenya Moore – a pairing that has MESSY written all over it. Considering that these two folks had a Tet-a-Tet via twitter back in 2016, this was ratings gold but still probably ill-advised. Usually, time heals all wounds. I guess time didn’t heal these wounds as Kenya and Michael spent an awkward 30 plus minutes throwing jabs, shade and the kitchen sink at each other. From Kenya calling him a “middle aged fat white guy out of work” to Michael describing Kenya’s feet as “ashy,” this pairing was a little too spicy for the pepper. For some, this was just a normal awkward pairing of people who do not get along (one that springs to mind for me was the pairing of Kelly Dodd and Jenni Pulos). For others who are familiar with Michael Rapaport’s track record with black women, he was in rare form.

Michael Rapaport has been an actor since the 90s. He’s loud, brash and “down” with Hip-hop culture. He even directed a documentary about A Tribe Called Quest. Everyone in the group, however, was NOT on board. You can read about that here. Because of his penchant for the Knicks and black culture, he has repeatedly stepped over that comfort line.  He uses words like “wigga” please. Because, you know, he is so “down.” *eyeroll*

For so many reasons I can’t understand, Michael Rapaport gets passes. Many, many, passes. He has even been given the label of ally. Well, I hate to break it to you: Michael Rapaport is NOT an ally; especially not one for black women. He has no problem lashing out at women who challenge him. He will tell them to suck his d***, he will tell them to go lose weight or fix their weaves (as if he KNOWS they are wearing a weave). You can’t be an ally when you are misogynistic and borderline racist. The bad part in all of this? Black MEN will defend him and cape for him. Every <clap> SINGLE <clap> TIME. It actually is maddening. Here are a couple of reasons he is NOT an ally.

Kneeling on 9/11

Some people have said he is an ally because he “stood up” for Colin Kaepernick against Trump. Um, peep this tweet from 2016 (before Trump was elected):

Just so we are clear: Michael is all about kneeling and fighting against systematic oppression…as long as it’s in a time when HE deems it appropriate. But, he’s your ally right? Your ally would actually SHUT THE EFF UP and not tell black athletes (or black people in general) how they should feel about police brutality and innocent black people getting shot by the police. Your ally said you should take a day off. As if systematic oppression takes days off. The following year, he did in fact take a knee after Cheeto Fiasco called NFL players sons of bitches…he just didn’t do it on 9/11.


In 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake had a wardrobe malfunction at the Super bowl.  Janet’s next album tanked (btw, the album definitely had some bops), she was uninvited from the Grammys and was unofficially blackballed. Justin came out mostly unscathed and went on to build a movie career and continue on with his music career as if nothing happened. Color many a black person surprised when Justin Timberlake was invited to be this year’s Super Bowl Halftime entertainer. I, for one, was dumbfounded and shook my head.

As we often do, Black Twitter decided to turn this lemon into lemonade. Super bowl Sunday was transformed into “Janet Jackson Appreciation Day.” Let me tell you, it was LIT! During that abysmal (yup, I said it) performance, the hashtag dedicated to one of the perennial performers of our time was trending worldwide. Janet Jackson video clips were scrolling up and down the timeline. I, myself, was dancing to “All For You” in my bedroom.

However, sigh, before all of this Janet love. YOUR ally tweeted this:

Deep breath…see…here we go…

This person has decided to throw pebbles at the castle that is the Legendary Ms. Jackson. The same person who I cannot think of ONE starring role he has. Make no mistake, he has been in plenty of SUPPORTING roles. However, he has never carried a movie. But, HE wants to question JANET’S status? Tuh! FOH!

Michael Rapaport is a habitual linestepper. He gets too comfortable and someone has to yank him back. However, black men will jump out of the bushes to defend him. He is another struggle hill that black men LOVE to die on. It is tiresome as black woman to repeatedly have to defend WHY someone is not an ally. That term is definitely given to some undeserved folks. I guess I just never forgave him for shooting Tyra in Higher Learning.

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