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Trizzy Trav Releases Visual For “Get ‘Em Off”

Buffalo rapper, Trizzy Trav releases a new visual to his single, "Get 'Em Off" from his EP, TrizzySZN.

I interviewed Trizzy Trav back in November 2017 and we discussed his views on the current state of hip-hop, life in Buffalo, New York and his EP, TrizzySZN, which he released that same year. Check out the interview here.

With his EP TrizzySZN still gaining traction, Trizzy Trav kept the energy going and released a visual for the single Get ‘Em Off (feat. Ceeze Dollaz).

In our interview I stated that he paints a vivid picture with his lyrics and this visual in particular does just that. My initial reaction was that the video itself is put together well from the editing to the quality. I also love that he included his son in the video and the overall message behind the track is solid. It’s a great story that I feel many will connect with or be motivated by. I reached out to Trizzy to get insight on his thought process:

“My thought process was to pretty much create a situation of a person just trying to figure out life. We all have a plan until the plan gets shot. How do you plan then? How do you adjust? So this guy’s plan in the video is to grind with the music until he makes it, but he can’t create with the negativity from his girl (shout out to Jiira for the great acting). He takes his son and goes to figure it out without her, which is not what he originally planned. Then his car breaks down. His friends are luckily there to pick his son up while he goes on this “journey”. In the midst of that, there’s a bunch of interruptions in the video. I tried to make those represent the things that come up in a person’s journey. They represent luck, rejection, helping others, self reflection, ups, downs, you know. All that stuff that goes on in life. Notice the cut scenes or b-role. I wanted it to be a continuous shot where there wasn’t any because life comes at you fast so I didn’t want any preparation from scene to scene. Slim Gus the Video Shotta shot and edited the video. He did a great job in capturing that.”

No matter your stance in life, who you are or where you’re from, this track speaks on making your dreams a reality despite the many obstacles that you may face. Trizzy Trav’s messages of motivation in his music is a common theme that I appreciate.

Stay updated with the sounds of Trizzy Trav via his SoundcloudTrizzySZN is available on all platforms. Link up with him on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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