Interview: Bossbeby Talks Music, Finding His Identity And Determination To Win

Chicago rapper, Bossbeby talks music, identity and determination to win.

Bossbeby is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He began rapping over YouTube beats and as a freestyler for his personal entertainment, but gained a small following and began to take rap seriously.

His first project, $tain The EP was released in 2016 and received over 14K plays on SoundCloud. The inspiration for his first project stemmed from the trials and tribulations of a hustler. 2016 was a great year for the newcomer, he followed up his first project with Bossy Reloaded and CBBossyHe teamed up with producer CBBeatz on CBBossy and the duo was such a great match that they teamed up again for Bossy’s studio album, 135.

Like many artists, Bossbeby is dealing with gaining more support from his hometown. His mindset is in the right place and he’s grinding it out through the adversity. We talk music, identity and getting to the bag.

I finally had time to sit down and check you out on SoundCloud and was like, yep… I have to interview this guy.

Lmao thanks! I be trying to get my sound out there. I appreciate you taking your time for real.

You’re from Chicago, right?

Yea, straight from the Go. Southside baby!

I’m from a small town in Arkansas. I’ve never been to “The Go”. Luckily, there’s hella music online so I can experience Chicago in that realm. So, tell me about growing up on the Southside of Chicago, prior to the music.

I was a cool young n***a when I was a shorty. I went to school downtown so I ain’t really experience much until high school. But shit was smooth. I went through a lot violence wise with the people around me, but that only made me a smarter man today. Equipped me with skills to succeed anywhere.

Got a show opening for Carti and changed my life.

It’s cool that you can take away bits of positivity from the violence you experienced growing up. What lead to the music?

I used to freestyle with YouTube beats and record on my iPhone for fun in high school but the summer of 2016 I started rapping more seriously. Got a show opening for Carti and changed my life.

Summer 2016… so you’re still hitting the ground running trying to get your name out here. I’m probably hella late on Playboi Carti, but I got put onto his music with his single “Magnolia”. You opened up for him, that’s dope! Is Chicago showing you love?

They are in terms of plays but shows not so much. It’s irritating but I’m a professional now and I’m invested in my craft so I know they gon’ see me! Cali and ATL show love.

That seems to be a trend with up and coming artists, getting love from everywhere but your hometown. I like your mindset though, “I know they gon’ see me!” Keep applying that pressure. Why do you think Cali and ATL are on the wave?

People out there are just more cooperative with upcoming artists. They view it as a collective trying to prosper whereas in Chicago it’s more like a competition if you not in the same clique.

It must be easier for artists to put themselves up against others versus showing love and supporting one another. It does more harm than good. But, at least there are people who genuinely want to see you (and others) eat. As for your music, how would you describe your sound?

I’m bossy baby I’m flexed up bossed up chest down to the neck up. I like to get in my bag and talk my shit. That’s about it. I keep it simple and I rap to feel emotion/rhythm rather than hardcore lyricism.

Who are your major musical influences?

Carti rhythm and swag. Drake flow. Young Thug’s versatility.

I had to get my identity together as an artist and once I did that everything was smoother.

That’s a cool combo and for certain reasons. Your first project was “$tain The EP” and you dropped the track, “Scene Hoe” two months ago. What have you learned from your first project to what you’re putting out now?

Quality is everything and at first I didn’t invest in my beats, studio time, etc. I also found my swag. I had to get my identity together as an artist and once I did that everything was smoother.

How did you come up with your stage name? It’s pretty catchy.

I knew I wanted “boss” in it but I was trying to find a name that didn’t have “lil” in it, so “baby” was the alternative, lol. Bossbaby. And it fluctuates from Bossbeby, Bossbaby, Bossy, Bossyb… shit like that.

It’s different, in a good way! While doing my homework on you, I’ve really been vibing to “Scene Hoe”. When I first played it I think it was the beat that got me and your flow. I had a mini turn up session on the spot!

Thanks, I think people sleep on the importance of flow and swag on a track. That song I love it so much because the way it comes on makes you move your shoulders on some funny shit. The beat grabs you. It’s one of my favorite ones I’ve rapped over and it BANG!

Exactly why it got me! Out of all of your projects, do you have a favorite or one that you weren’t really into?

It’s called “CBBossy” Me and my producer Cbbeatz made a tape executively produced by him. It’s actually not even on my SoundCloud, it’s on his but you should check it out. It’s my favorite. All the songs on there are doing decent numbers and they all bang.

Go ahead and send me that link. I’ll be sure to give it a listen. But that moves right on to my next question. The production and collabs. Do you tend to work with others on the production versus doing it all on your own?

I have a small set of producers I know personally who make my beats and I think that things come more naturally if the producer makes beats for you.

Are they all Chicago based?

Yeah they the guys!

Shoutout to the the guys! But on the cool, I have to introduce you to a few Arkansas producers.

Lol, bet! I’m always down to expand. [sends link to “CBBossy“]

A majority of artists make the decision to relocate in order to progress their careers whether that’s a new surrounding, bigger opportunities, new experiences, etc. Do you plan to make a move from Chicago?

Hell yeah I want to move to ATL this summer. They show love and I’ll be able to throw hella shows with good promo and artists.

I hope that happens for you. I think it’s important to experience new things and places. With music, it’s just so many things you can do. There are hella sounds and you have free reign to create whatever you want. Just be as authentic as possible and if people rock with you, they rock with you. If they don’t then keep creating!

Period. I’m on my own shit I got to eat and I got to get mine motherf*****s gon’ boss up one day and get with the wave.

Yes! Any current/future projects you’re working on? The people need to be introduced to Bossbeby if they haven’t already been following your journey.

Not really tapes or albums but I have a list of singles lined up to drop over the next couple months. If you check my Instagram most of my unreleased songs are posted as snippets. So go check it out!

As you drop this heat over the next couple of months, what do you want your supporters and potential supporters to take away from the music?

We all got problems and setbacks from our goals but if you boss up and put yourself in a position to succeed then God will do the rest. BOSS UP!

Just like that! Repping the Southside of Chicago. First started rapping over YouTube beats. Opened up for Playboi Carti. Still on the grind to make a name for yourself. I’m here to follow you along your journey. It’s been a pleasure interviewing you.

Bet. Thank you, I appreciate you taking your time.

Stay updated with the sounds of Bossbeby via his Soundcloud. Link up with him on Instagram.

Check out his newly released track: “Boss Up (freestyle)”

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