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4 Jhene Aiko Songs To Play At Girls Night

Jhene Aiko blesses the ladies with their new girls night "anthem".

Ladies, we love R&B. And when we have a girls night, we start off with the songs that will get us in our element. Throughout the night once everyone is starting to settle down, and we have those deep talks, we play songs that will have us in our feelings with no intentions of doing so. All of us are telling our stories, our heartaches, our possible relationships — we spill everything. During these nights we listen to each other and give advice, what better person to listen to than Jhene Aiko?

“New Balance”

 This is a record that rains of vulnerability and praises in acceptance. Jhene admits her admiration for this new love in her life. She mentions that this new love reminds her of her brother Miyagi. Her words “most of us are hurting, most of us are searching, someone to love, someone to understand” which is something that both men and women go through. Her sensual voice creates this image of “happily ever after’s” with that “ride-or-die” that we’ve all been looking for. The feelings are finally mutual for the first time and we are scared because we’ve become so familiar with “hurt” and now that is all we know. So when love tries to approach us we remove ourselves but not with him. He was “all that I prayed for” and now we are fulfilled. Play this song when you think you’ve found the one because Jhene takes the words right out of my mouth with this one.

We’ve all been there ladies, maybe even multiple times. But there’s no shame in that. Who said that finding “the one” would be easy?

“You Are Here”

  Jhene is telling it straight like that, people don’t have time to have their time wasted. It hurts to know that the person you thought you knew is not who they actually are. Putting your heart on the line and sharing your love is not simple, it’s a process. We pick and choose who we want to give our love to, no matter the reason, your heart feels it and you can’t ignore it. You’re able to notice our admiration by us expressing that we “hope you are who you say you are”because we “pray to God, don’t break my heart”. Jhene has fallen in love with this new love and just like us, she’s hoping for the best. She has found Mr. Right but is he actually, right? Get with your girls one night and have those sessions about your life, make sure you play this track — you will all need it.

“Never Call Me”


You and your girls will most likely play this song at least 10 times once you hear the real that Jhene is singing and rapping. This is our anthem for any guy that has ever sold us dreams that would never come true. I love how personal Jhene gets with this track by adding a voice record of her good close friend Kurupt. He is the definition of what love looks and feels like. He continuously lets Penny know that she is “the one, the rest are two’s and threes”. Anyone of your girls that have loved ones that will protect and uplift them will definitely shed a tear or two because I do whenever I listen to it.

You’re calling out your ex, as you should, demand that respect. Tell your truth. Call him out on his mistakes just as Jhene does.


 This vibe will make you and girls get to your feet and just rock. Smooth and cool, just flowing with the beat. Jhene and Swaelee’s voice on this track together is magnificent, they’re feeling it as one. This song is about chilling with that person you’re feeling, enjoying each others company while reading one another. You hear Jhene and Swaelee say “it’s me and you, we making arrangements, it’s you and me we making arrangements” which means that you both are on the same page and are willing to take your relationship to the next level. It’s also a celebration of just being able to be “you” and sharing the same interests as someone *hints sativa*.

Jhene released her album September 20th, and I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. ‘Trip” is so relatable and raw, it’s honestly refreshing and inspiring. Jhene’s story shows us that she’s not the only one that has been there before. Everyone should check out ‘Trip’ if you haven’t already!


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