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5 Tips To Help You Find The Right Partner

We all hope to enter a healthy relationship after finding a great partner who makes our hearts feel whole.

We all hope to enter a healthy relationship after finding a great partner who makes our hearts feel whole. Like many including myself, some of us have had the misfortune of dealing with the worst kind of people when looking for a serious relationship. Just when many of you thought you’d met your match in heaven, it ended with you adding your former partner to your garbage can of terrible exes. But before you think about throwing in the towel on trying to find the one, step back and strategize before repeating your same mistakes. Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind that should make your search for love more successful and less stressful.

1. Are You Really Ready For A Relationship?

Before leaping into the world of dating, be sure you are prepared emotionally and mentally for a committed relationship. It’s important you’re completely prepared to place time and energy into a relationship with someone whose willing to give you their all. You could be fresh out of a bad relationship or just working on something personal about yourself. Don’t be in such a hurry to meet other people knowing you’re not ready. Although many try to convince themselves a relationship at an inconvenient time is wise, what’s best is to look hard at your own current position before committing.

2. Axe Out All The Bad Choices

Approach dating as you would shopping. Before you get up to the register to check out you have to play order of elimination and go with your best options. When seeking a partner it’s important to weed out the poor choices once you’ve identified them and scratch them from your list. Whether they’re a narcissist, someone with no aspirations, or a repeat cheater/player, etc… the last thing to do is fall head over heels knowing their downfalls. Axe them out immediately and continue your pursuit only for the good choices. By avoiding bad company who pose a danger to your heart, you’re saving yourself from potential heartbreak further down the road.

3. Invest Yourself In Those Willing To Invest In You

There’s no point in pursuing someone who won’t even bother giving you the time of day or doesn’t have any attraction to you. All you’re doing is wasting time and barking up the wrong trees. If you have a person who does have an attraction to you and is willing to spend quality time with you, meet your loved ones, and expresses interest in what goes on in your life, then you just may have struck gold. And if you know for certain you both share mutual attraction then go ahead and exchange numbers. Set up a couple of lunch dates and get to know each other better. Only invest in those who will invest in you.

4. Build and Maintain A Strong Connection

Natural vibes are the key to the foundation of your budding relationship with your partner. Connection is what strengthens the love between a couple and brings them closer together in time. It all stems from feeling comfort with your potential partner, understanding each other, and solidifying your bond as the sparks run rampant and the butterflies in your stomach don’t stop. To reach that highest connection you have to allow vulnerability, honesty, and connect heart to heart together on an intimate level. Building and keeping a great connection is the best tool for a strong relationship.

5. Always Take Everything One Step At A Time

Some of the biggest mistakes made are couples moving too fast in their relationship just because everything seems good. The first few months are the “getting to know you” phase. You’re still learning about each other and it’s definitely going to take more than three to five months. So before you even consider marriage, moving in together, or even bringing a child into the equation, think about how rash decisions could affect you both in the long run. Things and people can often change. Dreams and career paths can maybe change as well. Before you act, learn to compromise and communicate plans in your relationship as you take gradual steps towards the future as a couple.

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