Insecure Season 2 Recap: Hella Satisfied

Season 2 of Insecure took folks on a rollercoaster (and fired up many a think piece).

By now, everyone should have seen the finale of the second season of Insecure. This season took folks on a rollercoaster (and fired up many a think piece). The season ended with messily exquisite goodness and I cannot WAIT for season 3 (sigh…it seems so far away). Let’s discuss the season ala high school superlative style:

Class clown: Chad

Lemme tell you something: Chad had me dying in EVERYTHING SCENE. He always came with a one liner.  Whether you agreed with his advice or tough love for Lawrence, it doesn’t stop it from being funny. For every episode missing him, I wondered what he would say in the situation.

Biggest Spaz: Lawrence

I have never been in the #lawrencehive… ever. I refuse to even entertain it. That hive is full of ash and piss poor excuses. Lawrence is a spaz because of his situationships and his inability to just be real! He really just did the most this season. First Tasha then Aparna.  He was not ready for any of the strong women that came his way (no I’m NOT going to include that 1 1/2some). He didn’t deserve any of them. He questioned why Tasha would call him a “fuck n****” but never himself wondered what would PUSH her to say that.  He was a cotton picking mess! Picking a fight with Aparna was literally something I expected that awkward spaz to do. He wasn’t ready for a relationship but decided to drag good women along for this spazzy ass ride. Lawrencehive need to get their man. In the finale, he got some points off his debt, but he is still a spaz.

Most Random: Thug Yoda

Now, I will try to respect his set and not using any words that begin with “C”. I never expected him to pop up in scenes and there he was: looking bute and saying bute things. Even though I worry about his daughter’s education, I hope season 3 still has a little Thug Yoda randomness even though Issa no longer lives at The Dunes. I wonder if he ever got that Bleenex or Blorox Bleach. 

Life of the party: Kelli

Um… y’all know why…. Kelli is who I ALWAYS invite to the party. No matter if my apartment is close to burning down or a sit-down dinner where Lawrence brings an extra person. I would definitely make sure she has 10 forks.

Cutest Couple: Issa and Molly

Anybody who has a best friend (or should I say a ride or die friend) knows how valuable they are. I know these two ladies have been messy and did questionable things. However, their relationship is phenomenal and also so needed! What best friend would throw a Moroccan slumber party because you cannot afford to travel? I know Tiffany is just stewing about me not picking her and Derek but honestly, how the heck could I pick them?

Most Likely to become a politician: Tiffany

Now, in real life Amanda Seales is SUPER woke (except when it comes down to Charlamagne…but that is a WHOLE other story. He your family? Really sis?).  However, her character of Tiffany is a walking, talking caricature of every bougie black girl you have ever met. She says things in the vein of “keeping it real” while also not “keeping it real” in her own life. Sounds like a politician to me. She managed to keep her pregnancy from half her friend group and danced around her husband living away from her for half a year. Hopefully, we will delve more into that next season.

Most Gullible: Issa

If you have to ask your friend to teach you how to “hoe”, then maybe a “hoe-tation” isn’t for you.  Issa was very, very GULLIBLE to think that it would. Issa is close to her 30’s and as someone in her 30’s, that IS NOT how these things work. Especially with the people that she chose to be in the ‘tation: Nico (a Tinder unicorn. Who is looking for a relationship on a hook-up app?); Neighborbae, who is just…NO, a thousand times NO and Daniel who is the perennial SNACK but has some unresolved “itch I wanted to scratch” feelings. I guess we should mention Luke James’ random appearance (he was the guy with the “weird hands”). NO ONE cares about Luke James’ hands, ma’am.  She wasn’t ready to do a hoe-tation and she fooled herself to thinking she was. I hope she has learned her lesson. She is heading to Daniel’s bouch, so let’s see what happens.

Social Media Star: Kelli 

Let’s face it: Kelli is everything.  She does solo selfies (because honestly… why shouldn’t she) and gives us a play by play for her life. She also is still friends with Lawrence which allows him to sit in his quasi furnished apartment and cyber-stalk.  If it weren’t for Kelli’s Facebook postings, we wouldn’t have gotten one of the most needed fights on this show.  Let’s be clear: NEITHER Issa OR Lawrence is totally right during this fight.  However, calling Issa a hoe for having sex with a dude when you guys are NOT TOGETHER is a bit much. Their messy fight led to one of the most adult post-breakup/closure conversations I have ever witnessed. I do not think I have EVER had one of these conversations. It was growth, it was mature and it brought closure to a situation that I hope we haven’t seen the last of in Season 3.  Um, was I the ONLY one

Most Talented: Dro

So, you may wonder why he is getting this honor? I am not sure how else you categorize someone who can convince a woman to be a third wheel in an unconfirmed open relationship. I think his stroke game is a major factor of his allure; especially after the seemingly compatible Quentin didn’t exactly ring her bell in that department. We shall see what the last scene will mean for them next season.

Most Likely to Succeed: Tasha

Let’s be real clear: Tasha was WAY too good for Lawrence. She knew about his situation, she didn’t mind being the weekend delicacy for a few months and she STILL put her foot down. I know people were looking down their noses at her family, her scarf game and anything else that was non-elitist about her. However, you do not need to gain a degree to have common sense. Common sense will always tell you that you NEVER allow anyone to disrespect or embarrass you; Lawrence did both. She walked away and I was proud of her.

It was interesting to watch how this season of Insecure provided some great one-liners on the show and social media. It also prompted a few think pieces that made me roll my eyes. Overall, it was a great season that needed way more episodes. Can’t wait for next season!! The Tidal playlist for the show has EVERY song featured throughout the season.  Spotify created a playlist for each episode. Whichever platform you use to stream music, you have an outlet to hold you over until Season 3.

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