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Aminé’s “Good For You” Is Worth Listening To

Aminé released his first studio album, "Good For You" on July 28 of this year (2017) under Republic Records.

Amine-Good-For-You2017 has been a great year for music. I can already see the old heads cringing, but with time comes change. I’m glad to be a witness of the greatness that we are being served this summer. I’m soaking it all in one song at a time. Good For You is an album worth listening to.

Remember the track “Caroline” that had your speakers blazing back in 2016? It was very catchy, had a unique sound, the beat was nice and the radio kept it on replay. The hit single landed at #11 on the Billboard Top 100 this year. Being a young and new artist today has to be difficult, especially with the repetitive sound coming from your counterparts and the pressure to deliver the goods, but Aminé has set himself apart from the crowd.

“Caroline” was my introduction to the 23-year-old rapper from Portland, Oregon. Once I matched a face with “Caroline,” I anticipated what was to come. I followed his artist profile on Spotify and watched his interviews on YouTube so that I could “get to know” the guy. His music is a great example of living carefree in your twenties and simply enjoying life. Listening to Aminé is like having a great day every day.

Skeptics doubted whether or not the talented rapper would be a one hit wonder. Let’s just say… he’s not! Aminé released his first studio album, Good For You on July 28 of this year (2017) under Republic Records. The 14-track LP (one bonus track) has guest appearances from Kehlani, Charlie Wilson, Nelly, Offset and Ty Dolla $ign. We get a harmonious mixture of sounds with each track.

The album begins with “Veggies (feat Ty Dolla $ign),” a relaxing, airy and slow sound accompanied by harmonious vocals and transitions to an upbeat tempo. I appreciate the different vibes in this track; they mesh well. With tracks like “Spice Girl,” and “Wedding Crashers (feat. Offset),” we get those “Caroline,” vibes; nice beats and music you can dance to. He slows it down a bit with “Sundays,” “Dakota (feat. Charlie Wilson),” and “Heebiejeebies (feat. Kehlani).” I appreciate tracks like “Turf” and “Blinds.” The two stood out to me because of the tempo, flow and approach to the tracks. “Turf” reminds me of a J.Cole track, slow rapping and visual storytelling, while “Blinds” reminds me of an old school rap song.

It is now September, two months after the release of Good For You and it’s still worth listening to! I’m looking forward to more good vibes from Aminé. You can stream the entire album via SoundCloud:



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