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They Say R&B Is Dead

R&B is not dead, but it definitely has a new sound. Check out a few artists who are keeping the new age R&B alive.

What do you think of when you hear the term “rhythm and blues”? That, “this is before your time” music. It consists of soul and funk with a pop-influence and was the most popular genre created by and for black people. The term “R&B” is used instead of the full rhythm and blues. So, what is R&B today?

There’s nothing like that good ‘ol 90s R&B and it is arguably the best era for music. I argue that the 2000s needs a bit more recognition, but I’ll save that for another article. To say that R&B is dead is well… bold. It’s not dead, but it definitely has a new sound. Boy bands are a thing of the past, sure. But there are various artists today who are killing the R&B scene.

Love, sex and relationships. That’s what I think of in terms of R&B. Today, it’s thriving with fresh, new sounds. There is still that soul and funk influence, but with a twist. Everyone is still singing about their mishaps with love, but in terms of sound you get more wavy and chill vibes over dope beats. Hell, sometimes you may have singers rapping and rappers singing. Issa vibe now’a’days. I can dig it!

I’m not one to categorize artists, but for the sake of this article it’s necessary. Below is a list of artists that are on my playlist who are keeping this new age R&B alive, along with a few of my favorites from them:

Xavier Omär

I don’t doubt your heart, I just know things change
It just leads to pain, I still bleed the same

Blind Man 


How Do You Love Me

The Motive Used To Be The Melody


Your ambition is attractive
My aggression isn’t passive
I promise with you
The butterflies in my stomach are active

Say It Again


Lights On


Che Ecru

Paint on your canvas
Put your hand where my hand is
Take it like you can’t stand it
Like you can’t stand it





Ella Mai

I would listen to you when you sound stupid
Treat you like a winner even when you’re losing
Now you got me feeling like shooting Cupid
Cause you did me wrong

10,000 Hours


A Thousand Times


Daniel Caesar

You are the reason
The reason I sing
I have to preserve you
Cause you’re my everything

Get You

Japanese Denim


Best Part

Sevyn Streeter

I’m feeling like we’re no where near home
Don’t know where we went, wrong
Why it gotta come to this for
Can’t get caught up throwing stones at a glass house

Sex On The Ceiling

Before I Do

It Won’t Stop


Kevin Ross

All I seem to do
Is think about us
I’m missing you much,baby
Sleeping without you is such a loss

Don’t Go

Long Song Away

Pick You Up





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  1. Nice article and I’ll definitely check out some of these artists. When I think the golden age of r&b I don’t think 90’s though. I think 70’s. Real bands who produced every aspect of their music. The 90’s were the last time I enjoyed r&b though. I enjoy rap but r&b needs to exist on it’s own more with someone rapping on every track. More instruments!


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