Interview: PARTYAT4 Talks EP, “PARTYAT4”, Milwaukee And His Process

Milwaukee rapper, PARTYAT4 doesn't shy away from the lyricism and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Music is universal and always evolving. Artists from around the world are creating different sounds and trying to make a name for themselves. For music lovers searching for new music to vibe to and new artists to tell their friends about, there are various platforms for artists to share their sounds with the world, Soundcloud being one of the main sources. Music is right at our fingertips; take advantage of the digital age.

When I think of grind and growth my homie Quise, better known as PARTYAT4, comes to mind. He’s a rapper/singer/producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One year ago, he put out a self titled 4-track EP, PARTYAT4 (2016). “Mask Off (Remix) is the most listened to track on his Soundcloud at a whopping 18.2K plays. Aside from what’s currently on his Soundcloud, PARTYAT4 has been writing his own music, creating his own beats and producing on his own for years. That alone speaks volumes and sheds light on his work ethic. He doesn’t shy away from the lyricism and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Glad we finally get the chance to link up and do this interview. So, for those who don’t know, who is Quise (PARTYAT4)?

Ahh, Quise is this… rapper, slash producer, slash artist, slash semi hippy. Lol. Ultimately just a guy that loves music and art really.

PARTYAT4, any literal meaning behind your stage name? An alter ego maybe? On some T.I. vs T.I.P. type sh*t, ha.

So the name comes from me being in Minnesota on some high sh*t. I had dropped a mixtape at 4am one night so I called it PartyAt4. Then I moved back home and had joked around about calling myself the mixtape title because I’m from the 414 and you know, just to be different than my known name. And my homie Quran called me one day like “I googled it and no one has that name, you’re all that pops up.” So I went with it from then on.

According to Facebook we’ve been friends since 2009 and I’m glad to say that I’ve been able to witness your growth as an artist. You’ve been at it for some time. How did you initially get started?

Um, really I used to like only listen to Lil Wayne. Then my middle school homie Tremaine Rogers, never forget him, he just was sitting in home room one morning like “Aye bro, you ever tried to rap?” I’m like “not for real.” That’s when he was like “Try it bro,” beating on the table and since then, I’ve been at it seriously. Mind you this was like the first day of 6th grade. I had bs’d around before that but you know. Me and my uncle and cousins would drive around Milwaukee and such battling unc. He was so cold back then we had to keep it alive. It’s been in us forever.

That’s dope. Shoutout to Tremaine. All it took was that first step. Wayne was one of your biggest influences back then, who would you say influences you today in the rap game or does Wayne still hold that spot?

I would say, honestly, I’m influenced by everyone these days. To add depth, I get inspired by hearing people leave their comfort zones. Young Thug, Chance, etc. But my biggest musical influence is Drake these days. Regardless of allegations he always finds a way to stay relevant in the sense of today’s “pop.” He and Rick Ross are my go to’s these days. Wayne is in musical limbo but hearing his loosies like “Glory” and “Magnolia Freestyle” keep me on my competitive toes.

You have many musical influences, which is great. There are a plethora of artists with the same sound, how do you set yourself apart? Do you get compared to other artists?

I get told my voice resembles Drake and Tyga once in a blue. I feel like no one can be compared to me minus maybe Kanye, Cole and PartyNextDoor. I say that because I mix my songs and make most of my beats and write 100% of my content. It’s not some Youtube driven sound you get with me. It’s me. So when making music I also try not to put out anything unless it’s deemed somewhat “timeless” by myself. I know it’s a go when I can hear the song for two days straight and mix it without getting tired of it. My two songs I have on Apple Music are more for the current culture, “radioish” if you will. That was an experiment in itself lol. I just try to stay original by never holding people’s opinions of my work over my own feeling. I know a good idea when it hits you know? I never go listen to a mainstream song and think “I could spin this off into this.” It’s just always trying to impress myself, and in that, I stay original. At least I’d like to think that’s how it works.

You’re doing a great job at staying true to your artistry. I’m itching to know… what is the music scene like in Milwaukee? Please inform me!

Um. It’s alive. But it’s not really a scene. I feel like Atlanta is a scene. You know, you have 21, Metro, 808 Mafia, everyone helps each other. It’s not an every man for themself type deal. Here everyone just wants to say they’re doing better then the next person so it’s counter productive. Tons of potential outside myself though. I’m plugged in a few places but there’s no platform to get noticed. It’s kind of whatever works at the moment. I can’t really give a serious answer lol.

That counter productivity is a common issue amongst artists and that includes all genres. It’s so sad. You would think that everyone would work together, but clearly that’s not always the case. Keep doing you, man! Any current projects you’re working on?

I feel it, gotta stay consitent and things tend to fall in place. But I’m currently stuck between wanting to put out more singles or put together this tape. I need like another month to decide thoroughly lol. But I’m probably releasing another single today so look out for that.

Most definitely! I’m vibing to your Soundcloud as we do this interview and you have a great mixture of “types of songs” as far as the beat and vibes go. Very upbeat and some very chill. When creating, do you think, “I want listeners to feel a certain way.” What determines the vibe you put out?

Much appreciated. And the vibe comes from my day I guess. If I’m feeling shitty I’ll drop a slower song I can vibe to and sing along with. If I’m in a good mood you’ll get an up tempo song where I’m actually bouncing around. It just depends with me. My mood changes with no hesitation. I tend to put out something I assume the listeners will like but I always feel like if they don’t, they don’t. It’s weird.

You previously stated that you create your own beats and do your own production. What is that process like?

Yes, for the most part. I’ll use YouTube beats to clear my head when I don’t wanna hear my own production. I got songs on Soundcloud that won’t make a tape ’til I redrop the vocals over one of my own beats. All the songs to other people’s beats are a product of my time in Minnesota though. And man, that process is wild. I make more than four beats at once usually. I like to hear what would be a nice drum pattern, but doesn’t fit the sample I’m using so I’ll open another FL Studio and save the piano roll and just open it in the new one and thus you have a new beat already. But I’ll hear a song on a YouTube ad and open Shazam and go find it and loop it etc. You never know what you might wanna hear drums behind, lol.

You do it all! One thing I admire about your music is that it contains substance. It’s lyrical. You got bars! I watch your Facebook live videos as well, straight fire!

Thank you! You’re too kind. I try to be lyrical because people of my generation, musically, don’t really say too much of anything. And I hate that. Then they wonder why Ebro and Charlamagne have such poor views of their opinions and it’s like come on fam. You know you make zero sense when it comes to lyrics. You’re just having fun to pay the bills, which is cool, but respect word play and hip-hop for its core. That’s my only thing.

You have the lyricism. You have the fire beats. How would you describe your sound?

My sound is hard to define. I can sing I just don’t. I can do trap inspired music as well as lyrical songs. It’s just how I feel that day. I guess I would say my genre is “rap” although that’s a minimalistic answer to say the least, lol.

Milwaukee birthed my core sound and everything prior.

You explained how there isn’t much of a music scene in Milwaukee and that the support isn’t there. But how has the city influenced your craft and shaped your as a person?

As for the city’s influence, it’s there. It taught me a lot, in the sense of how to move in the open society and mesh with other personalities. Taught me maturity. Change. All of that. It influenced my music heavy because my cousin Tae, or Napz as he’s known, is always someone I made music with since way back. He’s probably the only person capable of making a song let alone actual project from scratch with me. You can’t teach chemistry and Milwaukee gave us that. So it’s always a part of me but it’s the inner makings that you just have to choose what you do and don’t absorb, as with anywhere. I didn’t really make solo music until I was alone in Minnesota, so Milwaukee birthed my core sound and everything prior.

You already know that I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you. It’s time for the rest of the world to get with it. Not only are you a rapper and do your own production, but you’re also a dope artist. Young Picasso!

Thank you, Queen. Much appreciated. I try to stay inspiring and also inspired. It’s nice to know another creative individual notices my output.

Any final remarks? What do you want the listeners to know?

I want the listeners to know I always try to my best to give quality music I souly created. It’s always fun; that’s most important. And expect a lot, because either I make it or I’m out the game at this point so I’m just getting started, lol.

Immediately following our interview, he sent over the track that he dropped, “Watch My Walk.” Consistency is key and he keeps the content coming, be it a new single or a Facebook Live freestyle. Stay updated with the sounds of PARTYAT4 via his Soundcloud. Link up with him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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