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Daniel Caesar: A Love Story In ‘Freudian’

Daniel Caesar allows us to read him in 'Freudian'.

With the 90’s R&B sound, smooth criminal swag, and that soothing voice; Daniel Caesar allows us to read him in “Freudian”. He caught the world’s attention with “Get You” and has continued to make a mark in the music industry. He’s bringing back those “forever my love” nights and the “I want to be with you all night” occasions. His words take us back to memories that we never wanted to be gone, to the chemistry that never burned out, to kisses of “hello, I’ve been thinking about you” — we miss this, no matter how much we are in denial.

The story starts at “Get You” with those smooth kicks and that groovy guitar. Daniel Caesar allows us to reminisce on how we got a love that we didn’t think was possible. He recalls “when we’re making love” and “every time I look into your eyes I see it, you’re all I need”. Caesar has found a special someone who has him feeling a way that he’s never felt before. This love that he is receiving is refreshing, sweet, and special — a love that most of us yearn for.

Those lyrics that Daniel and Kali sing hit in a way that just isn’t about the appreciation of the track, but the appreciation for the passion sung on that track. As he transitions to “Best Part” we are welcome by the lovely H.E.R — she never disappoints. It’s clear that Daniel Caesar was truly in love with the person who was his “sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring” as he compares his special someone to being the best part “if life is a movie”.

Assurance is important while dating someone because you don’t want to be wasting your time with the wrong person. In “Hold Me Down” Daniel says “if you love me baby, let me hear you say it, I know I’m your favorite” which is something we need to hear these days; no one has the time to get played. When the song breaks and transitions, a female response to Daniel’s words occur. I could picture the situation happening, two people, pouring their hearts out just so one can hopefully understand and read them better.

“Neu Roses” serves as Daniel’s “I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you” as he recounts his mistakes throughout the relationship. As he glides into “Loose” I can feel his pain for the hurt he caused. He now realizes that if he cannot make this special person in his life happy then he has to cut her loose or vice versa. The a-cappella audio that he ends with solidifies the track, even more, it gives it that rawness and screams “this is me, in the flesh, telling you my feelings”. This track is definitely my favorite because I’ve been there, on both sides.

As he says “yes I’m a mess but I’m glad to be stuck with you” it shows that his lover accepted him for who he is, they respect “the good” and “the bad”. That’s what we all look for honestly, someone who accepts us for us genuinely. As we go strong in “Take Me Away”, we hear Daniel tell us about the woman he’s been singing about throughout the whole album. She must be a special someone because she’s the “Inspiration for this soundtrack”.

Syd’s smooth and sensual voice takes this track to the next level of sexy. In a way that is voiced differently because of the appreciative tone Daniel uses — reminiscing of the finest times. The repetition of“take me away’ from both of the artists is remarkable, I can hear and feel those same words that they feel. I felt as though I was in their shoes, meaning exactly what I said, “take me away”.

In “Transform,” Daniel engages in dialogue with himself as he recalls “I know that you feel mad today, that anger will fade away and you’ll wish she was here”. He gives himself his own advice that he might have never realized before. Daniel also spills the feelings of his woman, “ain’t it funny, now you’re money, act like you don’t know nobody” — hints as to why they ended. But, Daniel assures that he always wanted her no matter what, “can’t quit you, you’re like drugs, swear I tried to clean up”.

“Freudian” wraps up this love story as Daniel admits that his women’s love kept him alive. The ways to love, the ways to be happy, and the ways to be him, he learned from her. Nothing more can be said but thank you. But, he also defends himself as he says not to blame him for everything and that he too saved her life. This was a perfect way to end the album and the story.

Daniel Caesar makes me remember those times shared with that someone that I once loved so much. It was refreshing to hear my feelings on each track. He executed “Freudian” perfectly. I can’t stop listening, literally.


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