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Overcome These Top 10 Dating Turn Offs

Heads up daters. It's time to discuss your dating brand. How are you marketing yourself to potential suitors?

Heads up daters. It’s time to discuss your dating brand. How are you marketing yourself to potential suitors? I heard from a friend that some you may possibly be doing something that repels the opposite sex. If you are trying to attract the love of your life, then you don’t want to commit these ten dating turn offs.

Boring conversation

People today want action. If you are picking up the phone and you have absolutely nothing to say, chances are you are boring. The worst conversations are when you keep steering would be conversations toward sex. Real suitors know that if your enter a relationship for sex, expect the person to soon be your ex. Lastly, quit the text messages. It’s lazy and borderline disrespectful. People think if your are texting instead of calling you have something to hide. Have a purpose for your conversation.

Lack of accountability

Some people call it allusive. I call it unavailable. If you are turning off your phone and completely unreachable for hours, days, or weeks at a time, you are not ready for a relationship. Committing to a mate requires you to transparent with your whereabouts. Now I don’t mean you gps and share location all day. A lack of accountability means you’ve built a wall around your life and refused to let others in emotionally and that’s a TURN OFF. Good news. You can fix this problem by letting people know your schedule when you will or won’t be available.


Relationships are built around common interests. Often you and a potential suitor may run in the same circles. Please don’t trash talk others. Gossipers may look cute on reality television but in real life, it’s not cute. Gossiping is intrusive, immature, and offensive which means it’s not a good way to maintain a relationship. Want to fix this problem? Read some great books. It’ll give you something to talk about.


Selfie generation this one is for you. Your instagram is full of shots of you and you’re not a budding model, what are you about? Do you even interact with other people? I’m thinking that a date with you may consist of hours of you talking solely about you. I’d be surprised if a suitor is even able to communicate their interest. I imagine you’ll be responding to all the likes on your social media. Want to cure this problem?What you need is a big dose of empathy. Find an organization where you can volunteer work. Make yourself available to the needs of others. 


I actual shouldn’t have to discuss the lying issue. Most people know when they’re liars. They’ve been lying since they were five. Everyone knows a liar is a turn off, except for the liar. Stop lying all the time. Surely there a liars anonymous program. Join it! Heal the world of lying syndrome.


Are you God’s gift to the world? Do you do something nice then brag endlessly about it until someone tells you how totally awesome you are? I bet the world around knows you’re the greatest employer/boss ever. Your portfolio is diversified. The truth is, we are tired of hearing about your cars and all the houses you own. Then, you get mad and say people only want you for your money. Quit bragging about your bank account and maybe others won’t show up with their hands out.

Overly Critical

Recently, this has been my biggest peeve. Everything out of mouth is a put down and you think your helping people. It’s unreal the hopes and dreams you kill when approaching a scene. Go away and come back when you have something nice to say and quit finding fault in others

Expecting sex

I’m make a sweeping generalization and say everyone enjoys sex. It’s a wonderful experience of euphoria that simple has to occur with another person. Solo sex isn’t nearly as great of a treat.However, if you are looking for a long term, committed relationship, sex can not be the endgame when you are still getting to know one another. It’s hurtful to a potential suitor when you do something incredibly nice and subsequently let them know to be prepared to turn over the panties or Fruit of the Looms. Are you guilty of this dating turn off? Read Steve Harvey’s book and take special note of the section on waiting for sex. 

Poor hygiene and smoking

If you smell bad, see a doctor or dentist. They have something that will help you. They can even help you if you have a sweating condition. Seek professional help because poor hygiene shouldn’t keep you from love. For smokers- it’s tar that you are inhaling. Who wants to kiss a tar breath? If you are a herb lover, make sure your date is too. Who knows, you may enjoy life in Colorado.

Talking about ex

if there was a survey ever conducted on turn offs, this would be at the top of the list. Every new date hates hearing about ex’s. Or then again, maybe not. The more you whine about your ex, the more a suitor can determine about your personality. They may run faster than you can take your words back. Bye bye chance at a new life and new love.


  1. Actually, I want to hear about the ex because how he talks about her tells me a lot about what type of man he is.

    As for the sex, dating as an older woman, I hear a lot of “you don’t like sex” just because that isn’t on the table yet.

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