This Is Me

This Is Me, an original poem by writer, Kyra Donahoo.

you’re right about me.

loving lady with a big heart

yet has a confused mind.

i do think too much,

sinking into my thoughts and

ignoring reality.

just to find some commonality in

these two worlds.

you’re right about me.

i can be selfish and unfair,

my way or no way but,

there will be a day when my

ways will face me face to face

and that day has come.

i sit here,

contemplating if i should speak

what words to say, what words to

refrain from using

my indecisiveness drowns me

and i end up lost.

you’re right about me.

i love hard

i rain of it

i live for it

i am it –


these tears

the weeping

the heaviness

in my voice,

is my love speaking to you.

it says i’m sorry for the hurt

i’ve caused you

for the perplexity i left you

for the need i have to forgive

myself for this.

you’re right about me.



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