Pink Flamingos And Soulful Sounds: An Interview With Brandy B.

+FreshFinds: Brandy B. wants listeners to feel at ease and comfortable when vibing to her music.

Nowadays being a SoundCloud rapper has become a running joke. People often quote the line “aye check out my SoundCloud link bro” or make fun of how ridiculous some of these guys actually look or sound. Now, I see the humor in this but, I also have artists I absolutely love that are on SoundCloud and use it as their primary and sometimes only outlet. These include producers and rappers but, there are some singers out there too. Did you know that there were up and coming singers on SoundCloud? Did you know some of these singers did R&B? Well they do! One of them is named Brandy B. and her music is the type you put on during those car drives at night or when you just want to vibe out in the dark with some low light and… herbal enhancement. Her smooth and sweet yet strong vocals slide over the atmospheric yet head bobbing inducing production that just hits you right in the chest. I get early SZA vibes from her for sure – most definitely the type of songs you would find on See.SZA.Run. (yes – she has other projects besides Ctrl. – *gasp*) I hit Brandy up to answer a few questions and talk about her upcoming EP entitled Flamingo Frequencies Vol. 1. I did this interview via Instagram DM because…it’s 2017.

Paul: Who are you?
Brandy B.: I am Brandy B.
Paul: Where are you from?
Brandy B.: I’m from South Carolina.
Paul: Really? I had no idea you were that close. I’m in Virginia myself! When people listen to your music, how do you want to make them feel?
Brandy B.: Oh cool that’s dope! And I want them to feel at ease and comfortable.
Paul: That’s exactly the vibes I get from your work. Who are your influences?
Brandy B.: Thank you and my main influences are Aaliyah and Rihanna.
Paul: Not what I was expecting but that’s definitely a good thing. Who are your dream collabs?
Brandy B.: A collaboration with SZA or Rihanna is my biggest dream collab, I would also like to collab with Doja Cat, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Tyler, The Creator and Abra.
Paul: There she is! I knew SZA would come up, you guys definitely give off the same vibes and a similar sound. I’m not familiar with Abra though, so I will definitely be checking them out. “Last December” is definitely one of my favorites tracks though. Is this mystery man real or are you a just an excellent storyteller?
Brandy B.: Lol he’s definitely real and I get that alot about me and SZA sounding similar. And Abra is amazing! I love that she produces her music as well, I want to learn how to produce someday.
Paul: Go for it! Producing is so awesome when you get into it with the keyboard, MPC and using samples that make people say “I know this sample!” But they can’t remember where lol. I also noticed you often use flamingos and the color pink in a lot of your artwork. Is there a story or significance behind that?
Brandy B.: I definitely will and flamingos are my favorite animal and pink is my favorite color and when people see a flamingo I want them to think of music lol.
Paul: That’s awesome, I definitely will think of your music when I see them now lol. Speaking of flamingos… you announced your EP a few days ago. Any details you can share about it?
Brandy B.: I feel that the EP has a brighter feel than what I have on SoundCloud and it’s something I’ve been working on for months and I can’t wait to share it so everyone can hear.
Paul: Oh? But the downtempo moody stuff is soooo good lol. But I’m definitely excited to hear it. Do you have a release date yet or is it too soon to ask?
Brandy B.: I’m not sure of the release date just yet but it’ll be at the end of August. Lol I love a good slow tempo too but I wanted to experiment out of my comfort zone?
Paul: Ayeee that’s close af hype mode lol. And experimenting is always brave and I’m sure came out great! So after it drops, what’s next for Brandy B.?
Brandy B.: A lot more collaborations and even more music and I will also have some visuals coming out soon as well.
Paul: Looks like a full plate lol don’t forget to take time to rest! And thank you for taking time out of your day to do this!
Brandy B.: I won’t and it’s no problem at all! Thanks for interviewing me.

Listen to all of Brandy B.’s music on SoundCloud here and follow her on Instagram and Tumblr to stay updated on her music and posts!


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