Truth In Jest

Comedian, Lil Duval made transphobic comments on 'The Breakfast Club'. The interview went viral and sparked outrage.

**Sunshine Disclaimer**

I will be cursing APLENTY in this blog post. The situation most certainly calls for it. I apologize in advance for those who are offended. Now let’s move on…

As I write this, there are think pieces currently being written. There are going to be DOZENS of them. This, however, I wouldn’t categorize as a “thinkpiece”; I categorize this as a full-on rant. Last week, the esteemed Janet Mock graced The Breakfast Club with her presence. Sidebar, she is wayyyyy too good for that clusterfuck of a show. She was there to promote her latest book, Surpassing Certainty. Janet spoke openly and was given the platform to provide education about how to treat transgender individuals and also how she has become this beautiful creature in front of us (the beautiful pictures we see that are other people take WORK and Janet did her work). To his credit, Charlamagne kept his ashyness to about a three (Ms. Mock was misgendered and was questioned about her anatomy…eyeroll) and actually allowed Janet to express herself and tell her truth. I learned a lot from Janet and appreciate her transparency and honesty.

Fast forward no less than a week and Charlamagne gave a platform to Lil Duval. I will not knock anyone’s hustle. Comedy is hard and harrowing. So, in that sense, even though he didn’t show kindness or respect to ALL the people he offended, I will knock his hustle.  I will just say…I do not find him funny. Some people find him funny and that is on them but he is NOT my brand of comedy. Apparently he has a comedy show coming up. Ahem, negro, stick to THAT. Sell your product and kindly leave. However, as we all know, that isn’t what happened.

For some odd reason, and I will NEVER understand why, Small Doofus was asked how he felt about Trump’s ban of transgender people in the military. And then the snowball started. He used the word “trannies” instead of the proper terms (hint: that is offensive and transgender men and women should not be called that. Also they shouldn’t be called “transgenders” as Choco Taco stated). That should have been as far as it should have gone, however, you know good and hell well that wasn’t the end. DJ Annoying then asked Lil Dodo what he would do if he was dating a woman, had sex with her and then found out that she was a transgender woman. He then said this: This might sound messed up, but I don’t care, she dying. And THIS is where, as they say, SHIT WENT LEFT.

Mini Dickwad went on to say the following:  I can’t deal with that. No, you manipulated me to believe in this thing. In my mind, I’m gay now. I can’t live with that, bro. This would never happen if this never happened. So you don’t have to worry about me killing nobody.

Charlatan chimed in (you know, AFTER he laughed at Lil Duckwad) and said that a transgender woman who doesn’t disclose she was born a man should get jail time or at the very least “some charges should be pressed”.


Let me just pause here…Pepe le Douche, no fucking body wants your ass. Transgender women don’t want you. Cishet women don’t want you. Char-lolo has a wife so there is at least ONE woman who wants him. However, I really need cishet men to stop acting like transgender women are knocking down doors, windows and anything standing to “trick” straight men. They are just trying to live their lives and be ALLOWED to do so. Why is it that straight men (notice, I didn’t necessarily say black men) think that women (transgender or cishet) are only trying to “trick” or “manipulate” them into…I’m not exactly sure what. Believe me, they, like us cishet women, would rather be with men who want them for them. So, I need you guys to stop acting like someone is trying to steal or trick you. Seriously, we have better things to do.

Of course after this “interview” with Micro Doodoo ball, it went viral and sparked outrage. It also allowed those of the ashen tribe to rise up and defend their court jester.  Lil Ding Dong doubled down on his interview and didn’t offer an apology for the offense.

The exchange also birthed a hashtag (#transfolksarenotjokes) and also a boycott. However, I think the boycott has been floating around the interwebs for some time; it just didn’t have much traction until as of late. While I think it’s commendable, I am not boycotting something that I don’t support in the first place. However, I understand why there is a boycott.

The defense of Scrappy Dappy Doo Doo headed by men (and, sigh, women) scratches the surface of a deeper problem: Transphobia and homophobia in the black community. I know ya’ll don’t wanna TALK about it…but it NEEDS to be said. The microaggressive facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts about our LGBT brothers and sisters is all too telling. It seems like being mistaken as “gay” is a capital offense that black men can’t afford. If you are dating and/or have relations with a transgender woman (which by the way is NOT what that means) signals some sort of warning bell that something is wrong.  And it shouldn’t be this way. Because that ISN’T what that means. Being “gay” isn’t a bad or terrible thing. Being attracted to transgender woman isn’t a sickness. Men and women are attracted to beautiful things; and there are some very, very, VERY attractive transgender men and women.

Most recently a guy was courting a young woman and discovered that this woman was in fact a transgender woman. He subsequently stabbed her 119 times. Yes, ONE HUNDRED and NINETEEN TIMES. He claims that he found out after sexual relations that she was a transgender woman and “blacked out”. Now, here is where I called the largest amount of bullshit: surveillance footage shows that he was only in the hotel room for 23 minutes. You mean to tell me you had time to have sex AND stab someone 119 times? Sir, do we look like boo-boo the fool? Sadly, because this young woman is not here to tell her tale, the jury only had his side of the story to go on. He was sentenced to 40 years in jail.  Even though the conviction is a great thing, this does not give this young woman’s mother her daughter back. Her mother felt it was a slap in the face. He stabbed her 119 times; I will spare you the graphic details of the wounds. The victim’s sister who “didn’t agree with her brother’s lifestyle” said she misses her brother. Nope, I’m not gonna go there with the sister. I will leave her to grieve the loss of her sibling (which she honestly could have just said instead of misgendering her).

This tragedy is an illustration of Pint-size Excrement’s “jokes”. He felt comfortable enough to joke about it because he doesn’t value their lives. He joked about it because he felt comfortable enough in the company of other men and women (yes I am giving you a HARD look, Angela) who won’t correct him. Joking about ending someone’s life because YOU are attracted to them isn’t funny. Especially when it happens all too often.

William Shakespeare’s words ring true: In jest, there is truth.


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