5 Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

Writer, Terrionna Brockman shares 5 songs that you should add to your playlist.

Oftentimes I’m asked what type of music I listen to, and I always say, “Well, my taste in music is different than most” and proceed to say “Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper.”  I enjoy a variety of music and although I have zero musical talent, I’ve come to understand that I cannot live without it.

Music is my therapy. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not listening to a new song or replaying the same song or album (SZA’s CTRL). Have you ever listened to a song and instantly got emotional, eyes welled up with tears, talked back to the song as if it were speaking to you or just felt SOMETHING and you didn’t know why? THAT’S MUSIC, CHILE!

Check out 5 songs that are on my playlist at random using categories that I made up. You should add them to yours!:

Am I Supposed To Be Emotional?

Daniel Caesar – Get You

Every time I look into your eyes I see it. You’re all I need.

Swae Lee Is The Only Reason I Vibe To This

French Montana – Unforgettable

I peep’d you from across the room. Pretty little body, dancin’ like GoGo, hey. And you are unforgettable. I need to get you alone.

Seat Back. Windows Down.

Vince Staples – 745

I’m in that 745. Hope I can come scoop you up ’round 7:45. Slide ’round with my drop top up or down, you down to ride?

Soothing As Hell

Tyler The Creator – Boredom

Find some time. Find some time to do something. Find some time.


6lack – Ex Calling

I pick up my phone what the heck. Coming at my neck. Tripping via text disrespect. I don’t f*ck with that.

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