Is He Playing You Or Are You Playing Yourself?

Don't think it's possible to get played? Allow me to put you on game and explain the different ways that you can.

I know what you’re thinking. Me, getting played? That’s impossible. Game recognize game and, honey, I’m always two steps ahead. Well, let me take you to school and break it down as to how you let this f**k n***a get one up on you.

As women, we’re professionals when it comes to detecting which men are f**k n****s. We already peep game before their “game” even starts, lurking on twitter to see whose photos they’ve liked and tweet interactions between the “easy” females or even spotting them at the functions trying to holler at every female they see in sight — we see you. However, there’s always that “one” guy that comes into our lives unexpectedly and shows us something different. This guy is smooth and has confidence, he’s able to seduce you with his charm and leave you wanting more and more each time. His actions make you fall for him and lead you to believe that you lucked up on this one, so you give it up to him.

Now you’re hurt, wondering why he hasn’t called or been up your ass as he was months before you gave him all of you. Those everyday phone calls turned into short text backs and declined FaceTime calls. You were no longer the chase, you became the prey. This man is eating you alive, but you continue to stay because you’re certain you know who he really is. Well, check this out; you don’t. These days, men can pretend to be anyone they want to be just to get in your pants. That smooth and charismatic man you told your homegirls about does not exist.

He knew you were going to be a challenge when he first met you, but he knew if he were able to finesse and be this “ideal” man that some sappy women tweet about then maybe he could get what he wanted. You gave him the runaround and pretended that you didn’t have much interest in him although your mind was running wild about that perfect chocolate complexion of his. Lust, admiration, and fantasy is what gets us every time. We dream and we imagine of how we want this man to be and he falls short of our expectations, but we stay and we remain because we see “potential.” There’s never been potential with this man, for he never existed. He played you and you’re playing yourself because you’re wasting your time on this “potential” man when your attention should be focused on you. Where’s the respect for yourself?

Don’t allow a f**k n***a to ruin you. Heartbreaks happen but it’s all about how you bounce back. One thing we as women have to keep in mind is that p***y is power and in every situation, we have an advantage. We hold the key to everything, therefore we have control of how matters will turn out. But we must not get distracted and lose sight of our final goal; becoming his one and only.

Put yourself first always in all ways.

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