Top 10 Girl Trip Rules

If you want to avoid the drama, let your hair down and enjoy yourself, prepare in advance for the next vacation with these top 10 Girls Trip Rules.

We’ve all done it – planned a Girls Trip expecting to have the time of our lives. But plans quickly deteriorate and soon besties are fighting like ten-year-olds at recess. If you want to avoid the drama, let your hair down and enjoy yourself, prepare in advance for the next vacation with these Top 10 Girls Trip Rules.

Rule 10: Don’t parent the other ladies

Hopefully, everyone on the trip is an adult. If you have left your children at home, you do not have permission to parent the other ladies. That means you can not place a napkin over their clothes when they eat. You can not and should not stop them from doing what you wouldn’t do, which includes but is not limited to: drinking excessively, peeing in public places, and dancing on top of tables. Your role is to laugh along and look out for the police.

Rule 9: Leave no one behind

My mama’s favorite mantra was, “If you came together, you leave together.” Face it, ladies, one drink too many and there’s no telling where you may end up. We’ve all seen Liam Neeson’s movie, Taken. This is not the time to hook up and get snatched. If you left the hotel with your girls, make it back with your girls. If that’s not possible due to an extreme need to get your groove back, have a contingency plan. Safety is a priority even when traveling.

Rule 8: We don’t do cheap

There is nothing worse than trying to plan a night out and you have to pitch in to help one sister who never has any money. No one wants to cancel on the Blue Man group or Chippendales because $99 is too much. Who knows, this could be your last hurrah! Bring your cash and be prepared to spend it having fun.

Rule 7: No Judge Judy’s, Debbie Downers, nor party poopers

This, ladies, is the most self-explanatory rule. Stop side-eyeing everyone. You don’t have a heaven or a hell to put your friends into so stop judging their actions. If it’s hard for you to watch, then don’t. Download a television series to your cellular device and wear headphones. You’re all in this together.  And you, Debbie Downer, you know who you are; the one who’s always bringing the bad news, spoiling the party with your, “I hate to tell you this but-” Be very careful, Debbie. You may get left behind in the hotel room for the next trip.

Rule 6: Spouse and kids discussions are limited to, like, no more than once a day

We know you are a terrific mom and a doting wife. However, you left your spouse and children at home so that you could recharge and be better for them. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. Give them a chance to miss you. If something goes awry, your husband is actually an adult. Between him the local police force, the fire department, and your mother-in-law, all problems will be resolved.

Rule 5: Pinky Swear, “Whatever happens on the girl trip STAYS on the girl trip!”

No one must speak about the events that occurred during the girls trip. Now, I realize you tell your spouse everything. This, he must not know. Revealing the events from the trip could have detrimental effects on relationships. What girl trippers fail to realize is that what seems small to you can be big to the man who’s at home waiting for his wife to return. Even the tiniest revelation will leave your homegirl vulnerable to questions.

Rule 4: Don’t post unapproved pics

Every picture must be pre-screened prior to its appearance on social media. There are Snapchatters who like to shoot LIVE. Our recommendation is NO. This isn’t the time to entertain your followers. Respect your girlfriends because everyone has a job they need to keep when they return home. Additionally, a person’s cinnamon rolls (aka fat), are not for social media’s pleasure unless that person has consented.

Rule 3: Respect each others sleep

Sleep is discretionary and optional. However, there are some ladies who take a trip with the purpose of resting. If you don’t want to be awakened, ask. Your girls will need to respect your sleep. Consequently, when the girls leave without you and come back telling you of the great time they had, it’s not okay to be angry.

Rule 2: Make an itinerary

Consider everyone’s ideas like where to eat, where to shop, and create an itinerary. With this, people can decide if they will or will not participate. It’s okay to change ideas, especially if you run into snags. Most travelers have been to places that had wonderful websites and upon arrival found the doors of the venue closed and out of business. Problems will arrive. Wear your flexibility hat and remember rule ten. You aren’t to parent the other ladies.

Rule 1: Have fun and live in the moment!

Often, women lose themselves to the roles of their titles: mom, wife, CEO, teacher, evangelist, nurse. Girls trips are an opportunity to get in touch with your inner happiness. Give yourself permission to let go of anxiety. If you want to laugh, laugh. Try something fun you’ve always dreamed up. Make plans for the future. Most of all, breathe. Let go of feelings of guilt. Enjoy every moment. It’s good for you.


  1. Rule #8 is a must! Stay your cheap a** home of you don’t want to spend money. And, if I’m your friend and I offer to pay because I know that you “just don’t have it like that”, accept generosity and have fun. I’m ready…when do we leave? 👍🌴🍹

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