No Direction

No Direction, an original poem by Kyra Donahoo.

Lost in my sea of thoughts

nearly drowning from the thought of organizing them.

The touch of the grainy sand gliding through my fingertips

slowly onto the peaks of my mountains as they linger to my knees

desperately begging for guidance.

Sniffing the tropical breeze of this warm summer weather wondering when things will get better.

When will I be able to swim again?

Swim into these thoughts and maintain them as I have before.

Recently, I’m not sure of their purpose anymore.

Baffles by my curiosity which is somewhat turning into a hypocrisy.

Have I been sucked in by a whirlpool and twisted around numerous times and lost my mind?

Witnessing the creatures glide through my translucent sea and converse with ease leads me to shout, please!

Please release me from this spiritualĀ funk that has thankfully not affected all of me.

Bring my mind back to the brighter days.

Days of stability and tranquility.

These prolonged nights at sea of melancholy vibes and sorrow thoughts are sucking the life out of me.

The life of thoughts that don’t even belong to me, they belong to you two — my beloved.

The hysterical cries and the weakness of my body make me tremble.

Tremble in the sadnessĀ that you both endure.

Your thoughts have bombarded me and are trying to take over me.

I’m fighting this battle for the both of you but there’s nothing more I can do.

This is not for me.

This is not my sea.

This is your sea of love, commitment, and marriage.

A marriage that has lasted a decade, a decade of love that I know you both would never trade.

Save this love, the love that most dream of.

So your thoughts will be released and mine will be granted back to me.

I can’t save you.

So find that direction,

that direction with no specific direction.





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