Is Dental Health Affecting Our Mental Health?

It's common to hear biological and psychological factors causing the majority of illnesses regarding our mental health, but what about our dental health?

It’s common to hear biological and psychological factors causing the majority of illnesses regarding our mental health. But has it ever occurred to you that maybe a lot of these diseases could be easily avoided if we just took OUR HEALTH more seriously? Interesting, but true if you think about it.

For example, dental health. Yes, it’s important to take care of cavities and other dental issues, but do you ever wonder what these “big time, educated, dentists” are really putting in your body?

Not to offend the dentist community, but are you really helping people or silently and/or unknowingly destroying them?

Did you know that poor nutrition and exposure to toxins such as lead, mercury, etc. play a role in the development of mental illnesses?

Secrets Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You to Know

So let’s be honest! When you’re at the dentist office getting work done on your teeth, do you really decipher the terminology dentists are using? Does the harm it can possibly be causing you and your family when getting mercury fillings, composite fillings, crowns and inlays, bridges, root canals, dental implants, and dentures cross your mind? Or does the fear of these dental procedures cause us to be compliant?

  • MERCURY FILLINGS: Keep in mind that Mercury is toxic. If mercury caused cancer it would be all over, but mercury is too toxic to cause cancer. It poisons the cells and causes the cells to die, and they die before they can mutate. There are five metals in amalgam fillings: mercury, zinc, tin, silver and copper. They are also toxins. Our bodies do require minerals, but we are organic beings and these are inorganic minerals. These minerals are in our teeth, implanted right inside our bodies. So it’s hot, it’s wet, and food and acids are collected, and the metals are slowly released as we chew. We inhale the fumes. Ten percent of it goes through the olfactory area right back up the cranial nerve into the brain. Mercury is very active, and it loves nerve tissue. It also goes into our lungs and right into our blood stream, but mercury is so active it doesn’t stay in the blood stream or come out in the urine and the body can’t get rid of it, so it tries to isolate it and store it in different places. You can’t detoxify if you’re putting more toxins in all the time. You can take all the supplements you want, drink wheat grass juice, run for miles, but you won’t heal until you pull out the amalgam fillings and get rid of it. 
  • COMPOSITE FILLINGS: There are not many good dental materials, but something better than amalgams has been created which are called composites, or white plastic fillings. They are mostly used in the front teeth, but due to their durability they were first used on the back teeth. Now they have manufactured, harder composites which are made specifically for the back teeth. Plastic is the perfect material. It can be shaped any way we want, so that we don’t have to destroy as much of the tooth as we do with amalgam. 
  • CROWNS AND INLAYS: These are made of porcelain. Porcelain contains aluminum oxide. Not much aluminum comes out of it; it might be all right, but it is still a metal. Also, porcelain crowns for the molars usually have a metal like gold underneath which may contain 10% to 40% other metals depending on the brand of crown, and some crowns are made of stainless steel. When dentists make crowns for the back teeth, they cut the molar down so that half the volume of the tooth is lost, and about 75% of the front teeth will be cut away. I don’t think that cutting all the enamel off a tooth to save part of it from chipping is a good idea. So if they recommend a crown make sure that they save every bit of enamel they can. The tooth breathes – there is micro leakage through the tooth so that it can mineral itself and feed the inside of the tooth. That is how it cleanses itself. If you put a crown on top of that tooth, it can’t breathe. 
  • Crowns – Chrome Crowns for Children: When children have cavities in their teeth that appear to be larger, it is common to take a preformed nickel, chromium, cobalt alloy crown, trim it down to fit the teeth that have also been trimmed down to a cone shaped object, and cement it on.
  • Crowns – Nickel (Non-Precious): Non-precious metal used in dentistry is a term that generally refers to crowns made of nickel, chrome, cobalt and molybdenum. It further means that there is no gold or platinum in them. They cost much less than gold crowns, for you can easily see that a melted down nickel coin could easily cover one tooth. Nickel is the number one cancer stimulating metal – even worse than mercury because mercury usually kills cells, whereas nickel just turns the cell malignant. Although cobalt and chromium individually do not cause cancer, if they are combined into one mixture they will cause cancer. Nickel causes DNA damage in preventing cells from repairing and from duplicating.
  • BRIDGES: When bridges are made, teeth on each side of the bridge are cut down and fitted with crowns so that you have one chance in five of killing either tooth, and then you may end up with root canals or missing teeth.
  • ROOT CANALS: Root canals are the most toxic and most damaging procedure dentists can do. You have two options: a root canal or an extraction. Gutta percha, which dentists use to fill root canals, shrinks and leaves gaps and the tooth can never be sterile. There is no such thing as a sterile root canal. During a root canal, the main canal is filled and possibly some of the small side canals, but the other smaller canal-like structures in teeth called dentinal tubules are too tiny to be filled during treatment and these tubules become home to bacteria instead.
  • DENTURES Dentures contain cadmium to make them pink. It’s not food coloring. They do use mercury to make them pink also, but most of the time it’s cadmium. A denture contacts the skin at least four to six square inches and if you can absorb it you will absorb it. Everything put into the mouth leaches. Cadmium causes high blood pressure.

So, is dental health a factor in mental health? What do you think?


Be mindful of what’s going in your body.


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