Never Enough

Never Enough, an original poem by writer Brionna Jenkins.

Life has a funny way of letting you down

you overcome obstacles, began to exceed expectations &

just when you think you’re on your way up

Life says “oh no baby girl” that just ain’t enough.

I could be a master at masters

& progress at a degree unimaginable possess priceless purpose & do it all while fashionable

& still it wouldn’t be enough.

I could tithe my life every week to help you peak,

give away my pieces ’til your puzzle is complete.

Offer you my last stick of gum,

Give you all my ammo to load your gun.

Assist you in taking your shot,

Lock, load, aim,

nothing but net yet still you play me like a silly game.

Over I’m calling your bluff,

you know I can’t leave baby but even my best ain’t enough.

I’ve been studying you for a while, I’m in it but not yet winning.

Learning every inch of you as i play in your yards,

running ‘round my lines its easy to drift but I never go too far.

I allow you to feed my soul an insatiable artist.

Fill me up to my brim,

give you total conformity at every whim.

In my madness I lean on my method

pour out my heart ’til its emotionally decrepit.

Ripped from the womb.

Its almost there I see the head, its getting rough then BOOM.


The atmosphere in the white coat came to tell us whats up,

“unfortunately I did all that I could but it just wasn’t enough”.

I could create a Mona Lisa, discover an America

& it wouldn’t be enough.

I could surrender to you my loyalty & pledge my allegiance,

contribute to your growth beyond reason.

I could build you up with my sweat and tears

shed blood for centuries let you reap the benefits of all that I bared.

I could do that & more with my head held up & high,

still…yet still…i’d only JUST be getting by.


  1. wow, this is so powerful. You’re right – life has a way of kicking you down when you’re finally just starting to get back up. and most of the time, you never even see the blow coming. I really appreciate your honesty here. You are an amazing writer. Much love – speak766.


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