Races Aren’t Supposed To Mix?

Races Aren't Supposed To Mix?, an original poem by writer, Timber Heard.

The biracial rapper Logic said something that sparked my attention. One of his lyrics goes something like this – “In my veins runs the blood of the slave and the master.” I was amazed, because those are almost the EXACT words that have rubbed through my head before. And it’s true. The night BEFORE I heard those lyrics, I wrote a poem. It was written from the point of view of my two great grandfathers, from both sides of my parentage, and what one of them would have said to the other. I made a joke in class as a kid, but it rung so unfortunately true. So, I imagine, this would have been somewhat of what my white grandfather may have relayed to my black grandfather, about me, his great descendant. It’s a little racially graphic, so be cautious if your feelings are hurt easily. Especially if you’re of mixed blood.

The Bible Says Races Don’t Mix

They’re oil and water.

How can you have a chocolate and vanilla cake?

Because “marble” is just plain wrong.

Mixed “people” aren’t supposed to be here.

Considering they’re not really people anyway.

They’re mutts, these dogs.

The absolute worst of the niggers,

Because you can’t even tell they’re niggers.

Their bloodline ain’t pure.

Their white is dirty.

Like the devil himself hand-dipped them in mud.

They’re not “true” anything.

They’re not cotton pickers

But they damn sure ain’t landowners.

These mullatoes.

These non-blue bloods.

These no-true bloods.

Filthy’s what they are.

This little girl’s a dirty mistake.

One society wasn’t supposed to make.

She has all the wrong traits.

Nigger nose,

White people eyes,

On that little round face.

It’s just plain confusing.

If you’re gonna be a nigger,

Then at least be a full-blooded one.

Why would God even let our offspring

Meet and mate?

What in the hell

Did we let our bloodline


I wrote this poem because of prejudice from both sides that I’ve experienced. Recently, I sat back and imagined how dirty the devil must have been to have played this little joke right before our faces. How can one man be better than another based on race. Two men, equal, just of different skin tones. My simple point to this poem is this: Stay Woke.✊✌Peace.

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