Power Of The Mind: Positivity Heals The Body

We all face obstacles in our lives that hit us deep to the point we feel like we can't proceed with life. But who's to say you can't conquer your problems?

“You have to stop thinking you’ll be stuck in your situation forever. We feel like our heart will never heal or we’ll never get out this struggle. Don’t confuse a season for a lifetime. Even your trials have an expiration date. You will grow, life will change, things will work out.” -Brittney Moseso

We all face obstacles in our lives that hit us deep to the point we feel like we can’t proceed with life. But who’s to say you can’t conquer your problems? Its time out for excuses. If you want to Do Better, Want Better, and Be Better, your first step needs to be an examination of yourself. Sometimes you can be your own barrier and don’t even know it. Along with that, another question you can ask yourself is, “Do I surround myself with positive people?” That can make a big difference as well. Did you know your outlook determines how you live your life? A positive person tends to be happier and successful, while a negative person tends to be unhappy and less successful. Why is that? Because positive thinking allows you to see the possibilities in life. You are never limited! This is just one of the benefits of positive thinking. Once you take a step further in thinking positively, you will start to notice health benefits of positive thinking. Once you take a step further in thinking positively, you will start to notice more things like:

  • Longer Life- According to the Mayor Clinic, optimists have a 50% lower risk of early death than pessimists. If you want to live a long life, you need to start thinking positively ASAP!
  • Less Stress- Worrying also leads to more stress. The more you worry about the outcome of an event, the more stress you place upon yourself. BE CONFIDENT!
  • Better Sleep- The more stressed you are, the more restless sleep you will experience. Staying positive helps you fight stress and allows better sleep.
  • Improved Immunity- Maintaining a positive attitude, believe it or not, helps you stay sick free along with building a strong immunity.
  • More Appreciative- When you think positively, you appreciate the little things in a positive mindset.
  • Higher Self-Esteem- When you are a positive person, you see the potential you have inside you. As a result, you carry yourself in a better light & have a higher self-esteem.

So you want to do better, but don’t know where to start? Here are some quick tips to get started!

  • Meditate- Meditating is an easy tool you can use to start thinking positively. Just sit yourself down in a quiet room, close your eyes, and breath. Focus on breathing and tune everything out.
  • Have Fun– Do things that bring you joy. This allows you to view issues & situations in a different light, coming to better & different conclusions.
  • Keep a Journal– Journalism is an excellent way to think positively! Just take 10 minutes before bed and write about your day. By putting things that happen to you down on paper, it serves as a way to release that negative energy
  • Only Focus on Positives- It’s easy to get caught up in the bad things that happen to us. But in order to think positively, start focusing on the positives. Find them, no matter how small they are. Always remember that everything happens for a reason.

Peace & Blessings.


  1. This was incredibly dope. Today, i wondered if i should realize and focus on how good things are to stay positive, or if it would be more realistic to focus on the negativity of life. It sounds silly, but sometimes i wonder if things are actually worse than i realize. But the i remembered the bible verse that says whatever is lovely, etc., think about such things. That last positivity tip reminded me of that. Thank you.✊


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