Chasing You

Chasing You, an original poem by writer, Timber Heard.

I wrote this poem about my ex boyfriend, who has traveled to these exact places. It will be featured in the autobiography I am working on.

If I went to Petra,

I feel like I’d be

Following in your footsteps.

I used to want to go

So I could be like Indiana

On the big screen.

But now it feels as if

I’m chasing a lost lover

Chasing a dream,

The world over.

I’d go to Rome,

To see the Coliseum

And think about

All the battles that were fought there

But the only battle

That would be going on

Would be the one of the thoughts

Of my heart

Fighting against the thoughts

Of my mind.

The facts of my past

Fighting against

The projections of my future.

I’d go to Chile

And climb the Andes

But I’d only think

About the mountains

I have to climb

To get to you.

-Timber Heard



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