Always Forward

It’s so easy to be obsessed with the past or with your flaws, but we have to remember the phrase "Always Forward".

It’s so easy to be obsessed with the past or with your flaws. Often times, personally, I will critique myself based on goals that I have yet to accomplish or small flaws that seem overwhelmingly large. It doesn’t matter how much success I have gained or how far I have progressed; I will always find something wrong about myself. My mother used to say, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”  I am not that religious, but there is truth in that statement. I can recount the number of times I have had a concise plan and my plan took several detours, yet still I have this constant need to control everything that happens to me. However, I guess the fact that I can admit that I am a little bit of a “control” freak must mean that I have taken the first step towards letting go. Imagine how easier life would be if we could just let things that are outside of our control go.

The other day I had just finished the last episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage. Throughout the whole season he would say this simple yet powerful phrase, “Always Forward”. It wasn’t until that last episode that I really thought about what that meant. Then I started thinking what my life would be like if I could remember to always move forward on a daily basis. Recently, I ran into some obstacles that were really frustrating me so much so that I just wanted to give up. Then I thought about that phrase, “always forward” and I just knew no matter what hurdles may come my way I will be okay if I continue to move forward. I wanted to share this because maybe you too are facing something that has weakened your spirit and you feel like giving up. It’s always good to know that you are now alone and other people may be experiencing something similar. As long as WE continue to move forward, WE will be okay.

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