The Time I Met Two Women Who Would Change My Life Forever

Writer, Shauntae Saruwatari shares a story about two women who would change her life forever.

I wanted to share a story about the time I met two women who would change my life forever. These ladies are very near to my heart (I know that sounds corny but it’s true) and I am proud to call me them “my sisters from another mister”.
I met my first close friend during my sophomore year of high school. This was during the time where 106 & Park was still entertaining and guys wore “White Tees” down to their kneecaps. I don’t remember the exact day I met her but I knew it was sometime in drama club. Now drama club was made up of a bunch of weird social outcasts who needed a place to escape the daily teasing brought on by the “popular kids”. By popular, I mean teenagers who consistently wore name brand clothes and shoes to match and teased other kids who did not. With this being said, I was so confused when Amber (that’s not her real name) and I became friends because she was popular. She was tall, extremely pretty, and goofy. Everyone around campus knew who she was and yet somehow I became her best friend. We would talk on the phone every day about our crushes, girls that we hated, and how “ridiculous” our parents were acting. To this day we still talk on the phone every single day starting our conversations off by saying “Girrrrrllll let me tell you what happened to me today”. Amber is the one person I can actually trust to tell me the truth no matter how brutal it may be. However, no one compares to my girl Liz.
I met Liz (that’s not her real name either lol) during my junior year of high school. I had just moved from Los Angeles to Orange County. Basically my peers went from being all black to being all Hispanic. I remember on my first day of school I walked into my American Government class and then walked right back out thinking I had the wrong class. I said “This must be the ESL class” and left . After being in my chemistry class for a few days , I noticed a certain black girl was looking in my direction. I kept saying “God I don’t need these kind of problems, I mean I just moved here Jesus fix it”. I ended up working on a chemistry project with this girl and from there our friendship blossomed. Liz is the type of friend that is “down for the cause”. She’s the friend that you call whenever you want to double date with someone or if you just found out that the girl down the street was talking about you behind your back. I have shared so many laughs and tears with this woman. I would not change a single thing about our friendship.
Even though I love these two women individually, our friendship has had some rocky times. There were times when we did not speak to each other for months. However, no matter how rocky the times were, I knew that if I was ever hungry, lonely, or sad all I had to do was dial a number and they would be right by my side. How many people can say that they someone special in their lives like these two?


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