3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Those Natural Naps

Writer, Ameil, gives us three reasons why we should embrace our natural hair!

It seems to me as if there is a present day natural hair trend. Everyone’s going natural! I for one have been natural all of my life. My scalp was sensitive to everything, even a simple hair washing. We tried perms (hair relaxer) only a few times and then never again.

I’m glad people are beginning to embrace their natural naps. A black person’s hair is naturally coiled, but hair ranges in four types. There are types one, two, three and four. However, type three and four are most common with black people’s hair.

Reason 1: Hair Types

A persons hair texture comes in different types. As mentioned before, the hair types for black people lie within types three and four. Why spend money on someone else’s hair (Brazilian Weave) when you have all that lusciousness already implanted in your scalp?


Reason 2: Versatility

Now, I’m not trying to knock the straight hair folks, but who wants board straight hair everyday? I believe everyone desires a nice curl pattern here and there. With your natural hair, you get just that! Not to mention, you’re not limited to an afro or straight hair. You can perform a twist out, you can get it braided, dreaded, or any other preferred styling.


Reason 3: It’s Yours!

You were born with a grade of hair you probably haven’t even discovered yet. So, why not discover it? Perms aren’t good for your hair, nor scalp, or even brain cells. But, your natural hair is 100% YOU. A pair of scissors for the big chop is cheaper than a box of relaxer.

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