Taking The Time To Reflect: Soulmates And Broken Hearts

People are placed into our lives for a reason. Wouldn't you agree? When was the last time you reflected on your past relationships?

If you’re anything like me you’re very single. Not necessarily in a rush to find love (kinda sorta), but wouldn’t be opposed to the perfect person entering your life. If you’re also like me, you’re quite optimistic about things. You take a negative situation and turn it into something positive. Everything is a learning experience, even when it comes to love.

The relationships we have with others leaves an impact on our lives and in order to grow I believe it’s important that we take the time to reflect on our previous relationships. Good or bad, reflect!

People are placed into our lives for a reason. Wouldn’t you agree? Think about the last person who entered your life who left you wondering if it was too good to be true. Perfect timing. Great chemistry. Just an amazing individual. One person referred to these people as our “soulmates”—people who you’re drawn to and connect with on a deeper level. These people are meant to do something in your life. What are they meant to do, exactly? Perhaps there’s something you need to learn about yourself or something your eyes and mind need to be opened up to.

Most soulmates are seasonal and aren’t meant to stay in your life forever. They fulfill their duty and are gone. Remember, they have specific roles to play. Sometimes you may not realize their importance in the moment, but down the road you will understand.

As crazy as it may seem, if you compare your previous relationships you will find things that you absolutely loved about each of your soulmates. Maybe one was really funny or saw something in you when no one else did. Maybe the other had values that you could relate to. I’m sure there’s at least one positive thing that you can take away from your previous relationships no matter the reason for it not working out.

With the good comes the bad. See, this is the great thing about relationships. Yes, the “bad” is somewhat good. Let me explain! Your soulmates are your soulmates for a reason. Speaking from personal experiences, although I had good times there were also broken hearts and why me’s. As I stated earlier, in the moment I didn’t understand the importance of my broken heart and hurt, but when I took the time to step back it all made sense. Everything truly does happen for a reason! We all have reasons as to why none of our soul mates are our life partner. Again, when you compare your relationships and experiences you’ll be able to strike out the things you do not want in your life partner. The person who was funny and recognized your potential may have been a horrible communicator. Or, the person whose values you could relate to didn’t put in enough effort.

I’m thankful for my failed attempts at love. Reflecting on my soul mates, I’m able to pinpoint things that I know I don’t want in a life partner along with the things I do want. Each one played a role in shaping me into the woman I am today. I think differently because of them. I have recognized my worth because of them, but most importantly I have grown because of them. My perfect person will enter my life in due time. Take the time to reflect!

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