Why Sex Is Best Saved For Marriage: A Lesson In Cockblockin’ 101

Sex is in our faces everyday, especially in our music and what's in the media. Read more to learn why writer, Timber Heard believes that sex is best saved for marriage!

Middle school and high school were hard, right? Well, puberty made it even harder for me. Pimples, oily skin, unwanted and unwelcome monthly visitors etc., but other than math homework, what made me really think were boys. He’s ugly; he’s cute, blah blah blah.

When I was 15, I fell in love. Yes, love. Looking back, I can truly call it that. I was a hopeless romantic. I still am. I stayed in love with that person for nearly 10 years. I’m 26, I was 25 when I finally let the thought of that person go completely. He wasn’t coming back. He was a liar, a cheat, egotistical, and the list goes on. He wanted to be a lawyer and did graduate from law school, so congrats to him on that. His ability to look you dead in the face and lie as if his life depended on it will do him well in that field.

But forget the shade thrown, let’s move along. Today, I was thinking about when I had just graduated high school. I had the insane notion that I wanted to get pregnant by this person. I was a little more than halfway serious, too. Like three-fourths serious. But only because this person seemed like he had all the right genes. Smart-he was valedictorian- tall (you know what they say about tall guys. Forgive me.) light skinned (though nowadays dark skinned is my preference) pretty eyes, caramel skin, again blah blah blah. In my head, at least, I promised this person my v-card. Little did I know, this person would want a refund check before he even swiped the damn thing.

Since then, I’ve made quite a few mistakes (read: sex) that I’ve berated myself extremely for. As teenagers, especially with the music scene, sex was in our face everyday and still is. In music, especially in our music, R&B, rap, even in blues and old folks music (read: Me & Mrs. Jones, or whatever else ya grandma gets down to when she’s not blaring gospel around the house on a Sunday) sex is in our ever-loving face. And sex is only meant for two people who can handle it, i.e. two married people. Even science tells us that our bodies release a chemical (oxytocin) that makes you want that person, and only that person, even more when you engage in sex. Think about it like this, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a key fits into a lock, right? And that only ONE key will open that lock right? Ladies, we were made like that lock. And there’s only ONE man made to, ahem, open us. And that man was created specifically for us, and we were made specifically for that man. God has someone out there that was CUSTOM MADE for you. Personality wise, looks wise, and, forgive me for this one, but penis size too, so shouldn’t be none of that running back to ya home girls telling ya business complaining about how small he is. Your business belongs right where it was made: between the sheets, not in someone else’s ears. So please ladies, Madea *clink* clink*. Young men, give these young ladies a fighting chance and be a gentleman. Take her to a movie, not Netflix and chill. Ask yourself if you think she is the woman you are looking for and would want to spend the rest of your life with. Think of the man you’d want your future daughter to date. Thanks for your time.

Much love,

Your friendly (but not too friendly) neighborhood sex-ed teach,



  1. I’m not going to lie, there was a small petty party of me that asked “Hmmm what do they say about tall men? Lmao


  2. The doors of the church are now open. The whole doors of the church are now open. Wrote nthn but the truth. I slick shouted bc this was all of church service…just a whole sermon.

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